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European Data Protection Board consults on guidelines for codes of conduct

Robert Bond ( is Partner & Notary Public at Bristows LLP in London, UK.

Now that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has replaced the Directive, the benefits of sector-specific data protection codes of conduct, especially for small to medium businesses (SMEs), are undeniable:

  • Codes of conduct help businesses to achieve better data protection compliance in a cost-effective way and earn customer trust and confidence. By adhering to a code of conduct, organizations may

    be able to demonstrate their compliance with various obligations under the GDPR, as required under Article 30.

  • The main improvement under the GDPR, however, is that third parties are now able to contractually agree to adhere to codes of conduct in order to satisfy the legal requirement to provide appropriate safeguards in relation to international transfers of personal data to third parties. The international data transfer feature under the GDPR in theory enables businesses to create a barrier-free environment in which international data transfers are a matter of course.

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