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Ethics in the workplace is personal – Opera and SiriusXM Radio

Paul P. Jesep, JD, MPS, MA ( is the author of Lost Sense of Self & the Ethics Crisis: Learn to Live and Work Ethically. He is a Corporate Chaplain and General Counsel and Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer for a community healthcare center.

Thomas E. Dewey, former Manhattan District Attorney and three-term New York governor, remarked that politics was the science of government. It had defeated the greatest minds. The same can be said of ethics.

If like me you get Google Alerts and read posts on LinkedIn regularly about ethics and compliance, nothing seems to change. Ethics breaches and compliance violations are not uncommon. Of course there’s been progress in creating more ethical environments. Yet there are many relapses and, as new ways of doing business occur, there are a whole different set of challenges.

There remains one constant. Personal values and your individual strength of character help determine what you bring into the workplace. In the last several months, I reflected on my personal ethics that consciously or subconsciously shape my understanding of ethics in a professional setting.

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