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Does your workforce exhibit integrity as a core value?

Kolton Hewlett ( is Chief Human Resources Officer at Cass Health in Atlantic, Iowa, USA.

The long-term success of organizations is built upon the integrity and engagement of their employees. Organizations face numerous challenges in their daily operations that result from the actions of their workers, both longtime staff and new hires. Accordingly, organizations must select candidates who possess core values and display a level of integrity that will make a positive difference in their future. Employees who exhibit integrity and core values that align with the organizational culture can help prevent unethical conduct in the workplace that often leads to the compliance function employing valuable resources to conduct workplace investigations and disciplinary actions, rather than focusing them on other important aspects of the compliance program.

Integrity is not necessarily a learned trait, so it is important to hire candidates who already demonstrate productivity and positive values through professionalism. These individuals must also understand the steps that are required to promote integrity throughout all levels of the organization. Therefore, integrity should be a key component of all phases of employment, starting with the recruitment process.

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