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Deloitte poll: AI use expected to increase in risk and compliance efforts

According to an October 28 Deloitte press release, “Nearly half (48.5%) of C-suite and other executives at organizations that use artificial intelligence (AI) expect to increase AI use for risk management and compliance efforts in the year ahead, according to a recent Deloitte poll. Yet, only 21.1% of respondents report that their organizations have an ethical framework in place for AI use within risk management and compliance programs.” Link to the press release:

The Deloitte press release included the following questions that leaders may ask:

  • Did we set the right tone at the top for our organization on AI ethics?

  • What organizational standards have we developed for ethical use of AI?

  • Did we conduct an AI ethics gap analysis?

  • Do we have a plan in place to educate our workforce on AI?

  • Did we alert product teams on what to look for in monitoring AI solutions for ethical compliance?

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