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COVID-19 Oversight Website to Carry Reports, Audits might not have quite the zing or simple elegance of, but maybe the name will grow on research compliance officials. In the coming months, they may be spending a lot of time on this new website, created as part of monitoring efforts for the trillions of dollars in federal funds to fight COVID-19.

Congress required the website as part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, which also set aside $1.5 billion for NIH and $76 million for the National Science Foundation (NSF), among research funds for agencies.[1] The law also appropriated $80 million to fund oversight efforts, to be headed by the new Pandemic Recovery Accountability Committee (PRAC), which is composed of inspectors general (IGs). The CARES Act requires increased reporting on expenditures.[2]

The website, which went live April 27, will hold a number of reports, audits, plans and other documents related to COVID-19. For example, the CARES Act requires PRAC to develop a “strategic plan to ensure coordinated, efficient, and effective comprehensive oversight by the Committee and Inspectors General over all aspects of covered funds and the Coronavirus response,” which will be posted to the website when completed.

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