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Corporate Culture: The tipping point has arrived

Pamela M. Harper ( is a Member of Griesing Law, LLC and Chair of the firm’s Corporate Transactions & Compliance and Government & Regulatory Affairs Practice Groups in Philadelphia, PA.

Corporate culture has reached a tipping point. Although it is widely recognized that corporate culture can be an asset or a liability, recently it has been highlighted as a liability — one that negatively impacts performance, dilutes brand equity, creates reputational havoc, and ultimately, diminishes shareholder value. During the last year, we have been subjected to a corporate landscape littered with toxic behavior and misconduct, most notably, Uber, Wells Fargo, Weinstein and Company, and Social Financial (SoFi), among others. In the case of Uber, the ride-share company serves as a cautionary tale of the insidious impact that poor corporate culture can have on an organization, and why setting and complying with ethical standards is critical to the bottom line.

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