Chapter 7. Step Five: Compiling Results and Constructing a Compliance Universe Matrix

Chapter Goals:

  • Understand how to transform survey results into numerical scores.

  • Understand how to generate a risk universe matrix—a visual heatmap of risk levels.

  • Understand how to prioritize risks.

Congratulations! You have persevered and proven that the naysayers who said this compliance initiative would never gain the support and buy-in necessary to make it work were wrong. You have tuned out the employees who did not want to take the time to complete the compliance risk assessment survey. You even survived the IT data collection disasters that surely happened. So, what are your next steps?

Eating the entire cake as a reward is certainly a good option, but not great for your diet. Throwing data at your compliance committee or other decision-making body and saying “your turn now” is not a good option for your company or career. This leaves you with the only viable option: morphing the raw data into useable data. Thus, your goal is to take the compliance risk assessment survey results and transform them into scores that can be plotted on a risk universe matrix—also known as a heatmap, dashboard, or risk map.

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