Chapter 6. Communication, Education, and Training

Chapter 6. Communication, Education, and Training

Communicating your program’s expectations and goals is key to its success. There are many methods to communicate the compliance message—from person-to-person interactions to educational materials to training sessions for staff. Whichever form it takes, communication needs to occur at all levels in the organization. Regular processes of communication with the board, management, and staff are key to a successful compliance program.

Your compliance communication must be clear, concise, and creative. Compliance-related information can be difficult to understand, because so much of it is buried in thousands of pages of government or legal documents. It is not uncommon that this information is written in such a way that putting it into practice can also be difficult. Remember—compliance may not be an exciting topic for everyone, so be creative and use many methods to communicate. This will keep your program fresh and exciting within the organization.

The 3 Cs of Communication

  • Clear

  • Concise

  • Creative

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