Technology and Compliance

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Artificial Intelligence and Corporate Compliance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is technology that gives machines the power to perform specific tasks that normally require human intelligence such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, learning, and language translation. AI is increasingly being featured in the news, conversations, and product development. Although many may turn a blind eye or are very concerned with this type of technology, one thing is certain: it is not going away.

When starting to discuss AI and corporate compliance, there are two aspects to consider. One is understanding how AI will improve corporate compliance in efficiently identifying, monitoring, and addressing compliance issues. The other is how corporate compliance will now need to identify risks, develop guidelines, and monitor the use and implementation of AI.

In this section, we will help (1) introduce and define AI, (2) identify varied use cases, (3) discuss key benefits to corporate compliance, and (4) explore what to consider in embracing and thinking about keeping AI in compliance.

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