Another road map for starting a higher education compliance program

Deena King ( is Director of Compliance at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas.

In the September 2017 issue of Compliance & Ethics Professional magazine, Kenneth Liddle gave us an excellent 6-month road map for starting a higher education compliance program.[1] His article contains a solid approach for starting, or re-starting, a compliance program at any higher education institution by focusing on vision, culture, and risk. Nevertheless, as he mentioned in the first paragraphs, there are many ways to approach compliance.

This article will propose a 12-month road map. In my view, the more road maps the better. All these strategies become a cafeteria of options that allow compliance leaders to pick and choose what will work best for them. As Liddle pointed out, the ultimate goal should be excellent compliance coverage based on risk.

Although the approach described below has some similarities to Liddle’s recommendations, it is different. In the end, it is just another systematic way to reach the same goal.

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