HCCA Conference Slides and Recordings

  1. Hot Topics and Regulatory Update

    2022 HCCA Orange County Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | June 17, 2022 

    • Recent Developments in Anti-kickback and Self-Referral Laws

    • OIG Scrutiny of Provider Relief Funds

    • Fraud Enforcement Trends in Medicare Advantage

    • Office of Health Care Affordability : Coming Soon!

  2. Internal Healthcare Investigations: Step by Step

    2022 HCCA Orange County Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | June 17, 2022 

    • Learn Key Methods for organizing and conducting an investigation

    • Understand various types of witness interviews

    • Overview investigative report formats and report writing techniques

  3. Information Blocking Check-up

    2022 HCCA Orange County Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | June 17, 2022 

    • Information Blocking Primer: Background, Definitions, Examples of Information Blocking activities, Key Regulatory Provisions, and important implementation dates

    • Industry Landscape: An overview of the current state, how healthcare entities are complying, and where the industry is headed

    • Privacy-related implications of the Information Blocking rules and the relationship to HIPAA/HITECH

    • The 8 Exceptions to the Information Blocking Provision

  4. Notices, more notices, and yet more notices: Charity Care and Surprise Billing Compliance Issues

    2022 HCCA Orange County Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | June 17, 2022 

    • Updating and implementing charity care policies and procedures in compliance with state and federal laws

    • Ensuring you are providing patients and providers with the "right" notices at the right time pursuant to AB 1020, AB 532, and the No Surprises Act (NSA)

    • Implementing the NSA Good Faith Estimate (GFE) requirement uniformly across hospital-based clinics and physician practices, both now and with an eye towards future implementation by CMS

    • Consideration of the Select Dispute Resolution (SDR) process for uninsured patients

  5. Growing the Compliance Program: Transforming the Compliance Auditing and Monitoring to the Three Lines Model

    2022 HCCA Orange County Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | June 17, 2022 

    • How to take a proactive risk management approach for coding compliance under the 7 Elements of an Effective Compliance Program

    • Utilizing the three lines model to improve compliance monitoring and operational buy-in

    • Developing a risk-based audit and monitoring program

  6. Leveraging EHR to Maintain Clinical Research Billing Compliance

    2022 HCCA Webinar  | June 15, 2022 

    • Leverage technology to enable delivery of complex clinical trial treatments to patients while maintaining compliance with insurance billing guidelines.

    • Reduce the billing risk for sites and sponsors for clinical trials with inpatient stays. Speed up the delivery of novel compounds like CAR T cells to patients.

    • Understand when to bill a sponsor vs. a patient's insurance for clinical trials with required inpatient stays.

    • Streaming the budget development and negotiations for clinical trials with inpatient stays for patients.

  7. Compliance and HIPAA for Supervisors

    2022 HCCA Webinar  | June 02, 2022 

    • Overview of Compliance from the perspective of a supervisor.

    • Overview of HIPAA from the perspective of a supervisor.

    • Why Compliance knowledge is important from a supervisory perspective.

    • Why HIPAA knowledge is important from a supervisory perspective.

    • How to apply the learned concepts into your work process.

  8. Best Practices for Health Plan Internal Audit

    2022 HCCA Webinar  | May 25, 2022 

    • Understand how to determine what to audit.

    • Explore important considerations before auditing.

    • Learn about managing your audit, including internal auditor conduct and communication.

    • Determine what to review when auditing. Understand interview and sampling best practices.

    • Lean about additional health plan internal audit resources.

  9. HITRUST CSF: Achieving Certification with a Global Standard

    2022 HCCA Webinar  | May 19, 2022 

    • Walk through how HITRUST CSF maps to and addresses CMMC, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and NIST standards.

    • Evaluate core components of the HITRUST CSF standard.

    • Understand options for HITRUST assessment and certification.

    • Navigate key phases to achieve HITRUST certification.

  10. Privacy and Security for Connected Health: The Good, The Bad, and The Futuristic

    2022 HCCA Webinar  | May 09, 2022 

    • Identify emerging privacy and security vulnerabilities in connected health technology.

    • Implement effective risk mitigation strategies to strengthen the privacy and security of your connected health ecosystem.

    • Develop effective communication and response strategies for connected health security incidents.

  11. CSR Legislation: The Rapidly Changing Global Landscape

    2022 ESG and Compliance Conference  | May 04, 2022 

    • The last year has seen a dramatic increase in new corporate social responsibility requirements across several jurisdictions. In the last several months, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, and the United States all introduced new requirements. In late February, the European Union proposed its long-awaited Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive. Several other jurisdictions have pending or proposed requirements. In this session, the panel will discuss how to build a global CSR compliance program and navigate the challenges of new legislation.

  12. Managing Your Legal ESG Risk

    2022 ESG and Compliance Conference  | April 26, 2022 

    • This panel will discuss pressures and challenges faced by public and private companies relating to ESG reporting and will examine practical approaches that companies are employing in designing their ESG governance structures. We will share insight on controls and procedures that companies can implement to ensure that relevant ESG data can be collected, accurately measured, and reported. Our panel will also explore litigation issues relating to greenwashing and ESG-related securities claims, with recommendations of best practices to avoid litigation and reduce business risk

  13. Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Rule

    2022 HCCA Webinar  | April 20, 2022 

    • Privacy updates during the public health emergency.

    • Notification of Enforcement Discretion on Telehealth Remote Communications.

    • Guidance of Disclosures to Law Enforcement, Other First Responders, and Public Health Authorities.

    • Notification of Enforcement Discretion on BA Uses & Disclosures for Public Health and Health Oversight, Community-Based Testing Sites.

    • OCR Breach Highlights and Recent Enforcement Activity.

    • Right of Access Initiative.

    • Recurring HIPAA Compliance Issues. Corrective Action and Best Practices.

    • Professional Resources.

  14. The Current Status of the Information Blocking Rule

    2022 HCCA Webinar  | April 19, 2022 

    • Identify the elements of information blocking.

    • Analyze Information Blocking Rule requirements on patient portals, APIs, and third party record requests.

    • Determine to what extent a practice is information blocking if an actor believes it to be reasonable.

    • Describe current status of enforcement of the Information Blocking Rule.

  15. Leveraging Legal and Consulting Services in Audits and Investigations

    2022 HCCA Webinar  | April 13, 2022 

    Hear from a former federal prosecutor and a national consultant:

    • How to effectively use both skills sets to assist providers.

    • Obtain tips on conducting both internal audits/investigations as well as responding to external ones.

    • Learn leading practices to help avoid or mitigate enforcement actions.

  16. The Federal Government's Role in Combating Health Care Fraud and Drug Diversion

    2022 New Orleans Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | April 08, 2022 

    • Understand the roles of various DOJ components in health care fraud and drug diversion investigations

    • Distinguish the United State's criminal, civil, and administrative enforcement tools to combat health care fraud and drug diversion

    • Recognize emerging areas of health care fraud, including pandemic-related developments

  17. Building Connections Between Human Resources and Compliance

    2022 New Orleans Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | April 08, 2022 

    • Three Keys to Building a Productive Relationship between Human Resources and Compliance

    • Communication Practices for Joint Success

    • How Centralized Models Can Support Enduring Connections Between HR and Compliance

  18. OCR Update - 2022 New Orleans Regional

    2022 New Orleans Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | April 08, 2022 

    • Updates from OCR

    • Guidance on disclosures related to COVID-19

    • Media and Film crew access to PHI

    • Vaccinations and the Workplace

    • Breach Highlights and Enforcement Activity

    • Breach Reports

    • Recent enforcement actions

    • Right of Access Initiative

    • Reoccurring HIPAA Compliance Issues

  19. Adding a New Focus Area to Your Compliance Program Workplan: Risk Adjustment

    2022 New Orleans Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | April 08, 2022 

    • Appreciate how an organization's growth can result in a new compliance segment.

    • Understand the foundational elements needed to implement new workplan items and goals.

    • Identify key stakeholders to synthesize engagement across the enterprise to gain buy-in and support.

  20. Compliance Programs: Best Practices with Joint Venture Partners

    2022 New Orleans Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | April 08, 2022 

    • Discuss current and emerging Joint Venture models

    • Identify compliance risks with Joint Venture partners

    • Process for maintaining fair market value and related valuation objectives to support compliance requirements

    • Implementation of OIG guidance for compliance programs and Joint Venture arrangements

  21. HIPAA, Business Associate Agreements, and Going Beyond HIPAA in Protecting Phi and De-identifying Information

    2022 New Orleans Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | April 08, 2022 

    • Define the HIPAA requirements regarding Business Associate Agreements (BAA)

    • Differentiate between PHI and deidentified data, and how the HIPAA BAA rules apply to each

    • Explain lessons learned and strategies used during negotiations with vendors that are hungry for more and more healthcare data.

  22. MEMBER EXCLUSIVE: ESG Reporting in Healthcare; What Compliance Leaders need to Know

    2022 HCCA Webinar  | April 06, 2022 

    • Which environmental, social, and governance priorities stakeholders expect to see healthcare organizations address in their strategies and reporting

    • Which ESG standards and frameworks can help organizations tell their ESG stories authentically and credibly to the range of stakeholders

    • What role(s) compliance leaders can play

  23. Research Investigations: The Direct and Indirect Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic

    2022 HCCA Webinar  | April 04, 2022 

  24. Incorporating Compliance Ambassadors in Your Compliance Program

    26th Annual Compliance Institute  | March 31, 2022 

    • Is your compliance program ready for Ambassadors?

    • What is the scope of the Ambassador role?

    • Who should be an Ambassador?

  25. Establishing an Enterprise ERM/GRC Strategy with Compliance in Mind

    26th Annual Compliance Institute  | March 31, 2022 

    • Understand the concepts and alignment of enterprise risk management and governance, risk, and compliance

    • Learn how to facilitate engagement across governance groups

    • Identify the key benefits of an aligned ERM/GRC strategy