HCCA Conference Slides and Recordings

  1. Complex, Crazy, and Challenging Privacy Issues - HCCA 2021 Richmond Regional Conference

    2021 Richmond Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | December 10, 2021 

    • Crazy overlapping issues between the Information Blocking Rule and the HIPAA Privacy Rule

    • Challenge of ensuring end users understand proper accesses, uses and disclosures of health information

    • Complex issues with the proposed changes to the HIPAA Privacy Rule

  2. Compliance Risks in Physician ED Coverage Agreements

    2021 HCCA Webinar  | December 07, 2021 

    • Understand key compliance risks for ED call coverage arrangements between hospitals and physicians

    • Know the key regulations governing physician payments, as well as recent updates to Stark Law

    • Learn best practices for crafting compliant arrangements, such as interpreting and applying market data, structuring contracts, how to evaluate FMV, and more

  3. Regulatory Hot Topics

    2021 San Francisco Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | December 03, 2021 

    • Understand regulatory compliance and the strategic and reputational considerations for new price transparency requirements

    • Learn about the interaction of new requirements with other regulatory and business initiatives

    • Discuss the role for compliance in the governance of transparency, interoperability, and surprise billing efforts

  4. HIPAA Lessons from the Headlines

    2021 HCCA Webinar  | November 17, 2021 

    • Discuss recent examples of potential HIPAA violations from the headlines Identify

    • HIPAA risks and how to minimize them Learn best practices for staying

    • HIPAA compliant in your organization

  5. Addressing High-Risk Compliance Areas and Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Risk Assessment, Monitoring

    2021 HCCA Webinar  | November 10, 2021 

    • Build a compliance work plan to proactively address known areas of risk

    • Learn how to approach risks using different assessment techniques: Training, analytics, auditing

    • Demonstrate a continuous improvement process within your compliance program

  6. Recent Developments: Kickback and Stark Law (2021 HECC)

    2021 Healthcare Enforcement Compliance Conference  | November 08, 2021 

    • Overview of Anti-Kickback or Stark Law developments and settlements

    • Summary of recent regulatory developments including value-based payment arrangements

    • Review and developments in all-payer kickback statue (EKRA 2018)

  7. Medicare's 60-Day Repayment Rule: Intersection of Audits and Investigations

    2021 Scottsdale Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | November 05, 2021 

    • Identify provider obligations under the 60-day repayment rule

    • Understand the intersection of repayment investigations and Medicare audits

    • Recognize importance of audits and appeal outcomes on compliance and repayment investigations

  8. Out-of-Network and Balance Billing Restrictions

    2021 HCCA Webinar  | November 03, 2021 

    • Identify state laws regarding balance billing and how they interact with the new federal law

    • Explain the effects on communication by providers and payers

    • Address changes to member out-of-pocket expenses and provider reimbursement

    • Understand the basic process of the new law{br/}

  9. Compliance Responsibilities Related to the Avoidance of Duplicate Discount Compliance

    2021 HCCA Webinar  | November 02, 2021 

    • Background of the 340B Program

    • Overview of the compliance requirements of the 340B Program

    • Overview of Medicaid as it relates to the 340B Program

    • Definition of a duplicate discount in the 340B Program

    • State-by-State variations

    • HRSA's expectations: Program auditing

    • Navigating Medicaid billing and the 340B Program within your institution{br/}

  10. Health Equity and Organizational Transformation

    2021 Louisville Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | October 29, 2021 

    • Understand how health inequities are created

    • Learn frameworks to apply a health equity lens

    • Identify potential organizational changes to advance health equity