9th Annual Virtual European Compliance & Ethics Institute

  1. Conducting Cross-Border Internal Investigations

    9th Annual Virtual European Compliance & Ethics Institute  | Presenter(s): Melina Llodra, Mariana Idrogo  | March 17, 2021 

  2. Boeing's 737 MAX: A Trifecta of Ethics and Compliance Failures

    9th Annual Virtual European Compliance & Ethics Institute  | Presenter(s): Michael Fricke  | March 17, 2021 

    • How Boeing's organizational culture stifled concerns about safety and ethical behavior

    • How regulatory and compliance failures turned a surmountable challenge into a global disaster

    • How ethical leaders use moral imagination to take ownership of challenges

  3. Proactive Management of International Third-Party Integrity and Corruption Risks

    9th Annual Virtual European Compliance & Ethics Institute  | Presenter(s): Steven Pegg, Mimi Kind, Thad Coackley  | March 17, 2021 

    • Explore the integrity and corruption risks posed by third parties and show that history has a habit of repeating itself with resultant impacts to organisations’ reputations and financial/criminal sanctions

    • Show how a proactive compliance approach combining due diligence monitoring with annual values-based ethics and anti-corruption training of third parties globally can significantly reduce the integrity and corruption risk

    • Through audience participation, identify the legal, cultural, and geographic challenges of managing multiple third parties globally as well as approaches used to address this

  4. A Vision for Ethics and Compliance: Alignment, Culture, and Mission in a New Normal

    9th Annual Virtual European Compliance & Ethics Institute  | Presenter(s): Philip Winterburn, Jane Mitchell  | March 17, 2021 

    • Define how the pandemic, ESG, and conscious capitalism have shifted employee expectations

    • Outline the data that can drive effectiveness and engage workforces with a vision, mission, and values

    • Learn how to leverage societal revolutions to generate greater value for E&C and legal teams

  5. Amplify your annual Code of Ethics training: A Case Study with Johnson Matthey

    9th Annual Virtual European Compliance & Ethics Institute  | Presenter(s): Suzanne Brooks, Barbara Triolo, Janice Sargisson, Stacey Taylor  | March 17, 2021 

    • Discover why you should refresh your Code of Ethics eLearning and why it is so important

    • Learn how JM created and maintained high levels of employee awareness using an innovative programme to engage learners

    • Understand how JM’s culture of Doing the Right Thing is ultimately reflected in the context of the Code of Ethics and therefore, the eLearning

  6. Best Practices for M&A Due Diligence for Anti-Corruption from Initial Idea to Integration

    9th Annual Virtual European Compliance & Ethics Institute  | Presenter(s): Daniel Wendt, Sergio Leal, Daniel Jarman  | March 17, 2021 

    • Strategies for structuring anti-corruption compliance reviews for acquisitions and divestments

    • Review of common issues that arise with intense time pressure and high stakes

    • An overview of an approach for effective integration of new companies or assets

  7. Boomers, Millennials, and Gen Z: Working Together or Forever Apart?

    9th Annual Virtual European Compliance & Ethics Institute  | Presenter(s): Charles Vernon, Emanuela Culea, MihaI Stan  | March 17, 2021 

    • Discover generational traits and identify methods to transform them into strengths

    • Understand the difficulty of implementing ethics and compliance rules in “young” Eastern Europe

    • Learn five ways to motivate your upcoming Gen Z workforce in your company’s ethics and compliance culture

  8. Crisis Management: Practical Tips for the Compliance Professional When it Goes Wrong

    9th Annual Virtual European Compliance & Ethics Institute  | Presenter(s): Jonathan Armstrong, Kevin Paterson, Mary Shirley  | March 17, 2021 

    • Learn how companies face more crisis than ever before, in part due to increased public appetite for bad news, increased powers for regulators, and greater shareholder interest in compliance events, and how compliance professionals should be a key part of the response team

    • Listen to three leading experts with experience handling crisis around the world discuss the role of the compliance officer when things go wrong

    • Practical tips to help you when a crisis hits your organization

  9. Crisis or Opportunity for Corporate Culture? Implications for Why and How Ethics and Compliance Should Thrive in This Evolving World

    9th Annual Virtual European Compliance & Ethics Institute  | Presenter(s): Sally March, Ruth Steinholtz, Robert W. Smith, Jane Mitchell  | March 17, 2021 

    • Assess culture and use the information to build new paradigms

    • Shift role of functions, including E&C, to more collaborative work focused on corporate purpose

    • Help leaders better communicate in a time when new working practices demand quality leadership

  10. Culture Wars: Ethics and Compliance From Both Sides of the Atlantic

    9th Annual Virtual European Compliance & Ethics Institute  | Presenter(s): Ann Sultan, Anna Romberg  | March 17, 2021 

    • How can companies leverage the formal and informal parts of compliance and ethics programs to drive change and compliance throughout their multinational organizations? Lessons learned from in-house and external counsel involved in large FCPA resolutions

    • How are cultural differences and approaches reflected in guidance from enforcement authorities and what does this mean for companies facing or potentially facing enforcement action in multiple jurisdictions?

    • US and European approaches to ethics and compliance often differ in key ways. How can multinational companies take into account these differences in their global compliance programs?

  11. Small Business Compliance and the Ethics of Third-Party Due Diligence

    9th Annual Virtual European Compliance & Ethics Institute  | Presenter(s): Balazrs Kis  | March 17, 2021 

    • Understand how small businesses face the need for a compliance program through corporate customers

    • Become aware that corporate customers impose requirements that small teams lack resources to address

    • Learn about challenges and opportunities of creating compliance programs in small businesses

  12. Driving Shared Responsibility and Accountability Through an Ethics Elephant Programme

    9th Annual Virtual European Compliance & Ethics Institute  | Presenter(s): Rozlyn Spinks  | March 17, 2021 

    • Engage your workforce using psychological behaviour lessons with employee modeling of good practice

    • Find balance in the speak-up process to manage reporter and stakeholder risk

    • Embrace challenges from the COVID-19 environment: Lessons learned and positive response measures

  13. How the New ISO 37301 Will Help Compliance Officers: Compliance by Design, Not by Disaster

    9th Annual Virtual European Compliance & Ethics Institute  | Presenter(s): Prof. Hernan Huwyler  | March 17, 2021 

    • Uses and implications for the new ISO 37301 on compliance management systems

    • Practical tips for preparing to meet the new requirements to certify compliance programs

    • Examples to demonstrate compliance with the standard

  14. How to Influence Culture and Behavior as an Ethics and Compliance Officer

    9th Annual Virtual European Compliance & Ethics Institute  | Presenter(s): Geert Vermeulen, Susanne Hafkamp, Marlene Jans  | March 17, 2021 

    • Why is it important that ethics and compliance officers help management influence culture and behavior?

    • How can we do that? Presentation of a toolbox containing 45 tools to influence culture and behavior

    • Practice with one or two tools

  15. How to Survive a Monitor in a Time of Economic Crisis: Tips from Around the World

    9th Annual Virtual European Compliance & Ethics Institute  | Presenter(s): Maria Lancri, Peter Skinner, Eric Feldman  | March 17, 2021 

    • Identify significance of the changes contained in DOJs June 2020 revisions to the Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs guidance

    • Explore regulator expectations for modifying your E&C program to reflect changing risks during the global pandemic

    • Learn why now is the optimal time to obtain an independent assessment of your E&C program

  16. Speak Plainly and Carry a Big Stick: Investigations, Discipline, and the Evolution of Your Compliance Program

    9th Annual Virtual European Compliance & Ethics Institute  | Presenter(s): Krista Muszak, Louis Perold, Art Weiss  | March 17, 2021 

    • Investigations: Discuss struggles and strategies of investigations. How do you adjust your risk assessments due to investigation outcomes?

    • Discipline: Brainstorm forms of discipline and how to use these cases to communicate the “lessons learned.” What do you do when there is pressure to not discipline?

    • Evolution: Responding, reporting, and remediation. How do you use your investigation reports and discipline outcome to inform and evolve your program?

  17. The Road to Eldorado: Supercharge Third-Party Due Diligence with Financial Statements

    9th Annual Virtual European Compliance & Ethics Institute  | Presenter(s): Paul Zietsman, Gerry Zack  | March 17, 2021 

    • Learn how audited financial statements play a vital role by providing a sneak preview of the inner workings of a third party, even before it is onboarded

    • Discover the anti-bribery path through the maze of financial statements and learn the fine art of making the financial statements do the talking when assessing third-party risks

    • Discover a cost-efficient way to combine financial statement analysis with analytical tools that will give you superpowered reports that can be presented to your board, as well as to the authorities

  18. What is the Future of Cybercompliance When the World Has Fragmented into Different Data Jurisdictions?

    9th Annual Virtual European Compliance & Ethics Institute  | Presenter(s): James Owen, Stina Connor  | March 17, 2021 

    • Understand how digital connectivity is accelerating disruptive attacks on critical infrastructure

    • Manage the implications of more protectionism in the creation and trade of software and hardware

    • Examine the impact of diverging regulatory approaches to data privacy and data security

  19. Benefit from Beneficial Owner Information

    9th Annual Virtual European Compliance & Ethics Institute  | Presenter(s): Patricia Kordesch  | March 16, 2021 

    • Understand the concept of the beneficial owner, the person that ultimately exercises control

    • Associate the knowledge on beneficial ownership with potential benefits for risk-management, third-party relationships, and finance

    • Learn about the path to establish the ultimate beneficial owner and potential limitations along the way

  20. Compliance and Ethics in the Post-Pandemic World

    9th Annual Virtual European Compliance & Ethics Institute  | Presenter(s): Klaus Moosmayer, Alisia Grenville, Yvonne Hilst  | March 16, 2021 

    • How compliance programs will need to adapt

    • Keeping connected with a disconnected workforce

    • Understanding the new risks while managing the old ones

  21. Avoiding the Data Privacy Bear Traps

    9th Annual Virtual European Compliance & Ethics Institute  | Presenter(s): James Castro-Edwards  | March 16, 2021 

    • Recognize the main data protection risks that companies doing business in Europe face

    • Understand the key data protection compliance failings that trigger regulatory action

    • Adopt strategies to mitigate the main data protection risks

  22. 8 Reasons Good People Give to Justify Bad Actions: An In-Depth Look into Behavioural Economics and the Psychology of Fraudulent Behaviour

    9th Annual Virtual European Compliance & Ethics Institute  | Presenter(s): Laura Ellis  | March 16, 2021 

    • Laughing about how many of these rationalizations you have heard before

    • Reviewing the psychology and behavioral economics behind them

    • Discussing ways to prevent such thoughts from appearing in the first place

  23. Turning Whistleblowing into Your Most Trusted and Effective Tool

    9th Annual Virtual European Compliance & Ethics Institute  | Presenter(s): Murray Grainger, Tobias Thibaut, Emily Palmer  | March 16, 2021 

    • Prevent: Why is communication key? Rolling out the Hotelbeds Compliance & Ethics Helpline. Designing and implementing a best practice model and comparing to experiences in other organizations.

    • Detect: How do you build trust and comply with the law? How do you manage anonymous whistleblowers within European and global companies?

    • Respond: What are the next steps? Prioritizing actions on internal investigations. Communications with whistleblowers throughout the investigation process. What can go wrong—and how to avoid it.

  24. Understanding the Risk Beyond Your Borders Level: Intermediate

    9th Annual Virtual European Compliance & Ethics Institute  | Presenter(s): Susan DuBecker, Maria Lancri, Jacki Cheslow  | March 16, 2021 

    • Explore the global influence of US and EMEA regulations and requirements on the compliance landscape

    • Practical advice to adapt your assessment process and innovative thinking to address today’s risks

  25. Coordination with Corporate Strategy: The Longer-Term View of Governance

    9th Annual Virtual European Compliance & Ethics Institute  | Presenter(s): David Heller  | March 16, 2021 

    • Overview of corporate strategy functions and the intersection with E&C goals and objectives

    • Developing an E&C long-term strategy for your organization

    • Leveraging the strategic plan to improve E&C and overall governance