2019 European Compliance & Ethics Institute (ECEI)

  1. Launching Ladies into Senior Leadership: Part 2

    2019 European Compliance & Ethics Institute (ECEI)  | Presenter(s): Kristy Grant-Hart, Jenny O'Brien, Kirsten E. Liston  | March 13, 2019 

    • Get ready to apply the practical tools provided in Part 1 through interactive exercises such as negotiating skills

    • Learn why your network is your net worth and how to grow it strategically and raise your profile

    • Leave the session with concrete “next steps” that position you to move up the ladder

  2. Launching Ladies into Senior Leadership: Part 1

    2019 European Compliance & Ethics Institute (ECEI)  | Presenter(s): Kristy Grant-Hart, Jenny O'Brien, Kirsten E. Liston  | March 13, 2019 

    • Are you ready to launch into the highest levels of leadership? Joining the C-Suite? Being on the Board? Then this session is for you.

    • Gain practical tips and tools on how to win champions and mentors, use verbal language and body language to zip your confidence

    • Workshop-style session focused on developing a strategic leadership development path

  3. Do You Really Know Who You're Doing Business With?

    2019 European Compliance & Ethics Institute (ECEI)  | Presenter(s): Rossana Buzzi  | March 13, 2019 

    • What are the third party risks in today’s world? Identifying which are the areas of risks and regulations that your organization may face when dealing with third parties and counterparties

    • Spot the unknown—keeping on top of everchanging economic and trade sanctions is a real challenge for organizations; how to minimize your risks

    • How to build an effective business approach to third-parties risks

  4. The Establishment of the Compliance Function: The Framework and the Role of Internal Auditing

    2019 European Compliance & Ethics Institute (ECEI)  | Presenter(s): Waheed H. Kahtani  | March 13, 2019 

    • An overview of the main steps to establish the corporate compliance function and the role of internal auditing in this process

    • Identify and recognize the risks associated with the compliance function/the proper controls

    • Address the merits of having two aligned functions and the potential of combining the corporate compliance and internal audit functions

  5. A Mouse's Tale of a Whistleblower: Best Practices for Whistleblower Protection and Non-Retaliation Policies

    2019 European Compliance & Ethics Institute (ECEI)  | Presenter(s): Ian Moolman, Paula Davis  | March 12, 2019 

    • The truth shall prevail—strategies for full commitment to non-retaliation policy

    • Building decisive policies and procedures

    • Practices that work—seeing is believing

  6. Beyond GDPR Comes What?

    2019 European Compliance & Ethics Institute (ECEI)  | Presenter(s): Robert J. Bond, Michael Bond  | March 12, 2019 

    • In almost a year since the General Data Protection Regulation came into force, what have we learned? Have there been major investigations and fines and have data subjects learned to exercise their privacy rights? Was it really as bad as we thought?

    • Apart from GDPR, how have the NIS Directive and the Trade Marks Directive and the E-Privacy Regulation influenced our compliance programmes? Hasn’t Cyberrisk and privacy become the No.1 C-Suite issue?

    • How can global enterprises develop and maintain compliance around data privacy and cyber security in an ever-increasingly-complex digital environment for marketing, advertising, profiling, AI, robotics, and also legitimate business needs?

  7. Compliance Transformation in Central Europe: Will Integrity Management and Digital Compliance Bring Us the Future of Sustainable Compliance Programs?

    2019 European Compliance & Ethics Institute (ECEI)  | Presenter(s): Andreas Pyrcek, Markus Juettner  | March 12, 2019 

    • The future of compliance in Central Europe, especially the role of values and ethics; compliance needs more than good policies and procedures—will the future bring in more behavioral ethics and technology?

    • • How can employees experience integrity, ethics, and compliance as part of the daily business and not as a burden? What are the challenges and opportunities in building value-based compliance and ethics programs in a European context?

    • How does the digital transformation enable organizations in a cultural change—but also impact the role of the compliance office, the compliance program, and the way we as professionals manage new and emerging risks?

  8. Emerging Practices in Addressing Modern Slavery Risks for Companies

    2019 European Compliance & Ethics Institute (ECEI)  | Presenter(s): Sarah Carpenter, Therese Deane  | March 12, 2019 

    • New research on addressing modern slavery risk in your operations and supply chain

    • Building corporate policies and procedures to address regulations

    • New tools and leading practice on conducting due diligence

  9. How to Use Rigorous Culture Diagnosis to Build and Maintain a Culture of Integrity

    2019 European Compliance & Ethics Institute (ECEI)  | Presenter(s): Jane Mitchell, James Tarbit  | March 12, 2019 

    • In this session you will see how to assess the health of your ‘culture of integrity’ by looking at the interplay between individual and organisational behaviour, and critically, their impact on each other across 12 dimensions of culture

    • When the dimensions are combined, a clear picture emerges of the overall culture of your organisation, its impact on your ethics and compliance programme and, critically, what may be reinforcing or blocking ethical leadership and decision-making

    • You will see which dimensions are important to embedding an ethical culture, such as levels of safety in employees, whether they feel they have a voice and how participation and communication leave few places for unethical behaviours to hide

  10. The Reality of Speaking Up: An IBE Practical Tool for Managing Expectations of the Speak Up Journey

    2019 European Compliance & Ethics Institute (ECEI)  | Presenter(s): Rozlyn Spinks  | March 12, 2019 

    • Key risks and experiences within a Speak Up journey; group discussion

    • IBE Speak Up App: a tool to manage expectations and encourage people to Speak Up

    • Putting in place resources to support the tool

  11. Effective Communication After a Merge:The Highs and Lows

    2019 European Compliance & Ethics Institute (ECEI)  | Presenter(s): Maaike Burger, Catherine Foster  | March 11, 2019 

    • How we integrated existing Ethics and Compliance Programmes after the merger of three EU companies (14 countries)—and the lessons learnt

    • The highs and lows of integrating and embedding the various elements of the Ethics and Compliance Programme, including our campaign approach

    • The challenges and opportunities in informing and consulting with the various Works Councils

  12. The Two Dangerous "Cs": Cartels and Corruption

    2019 European Compliance & Ethics Institute (ECEI)  | Presenter(s): Christina Hummer, Heiko Hellwege  | March 11, 2019 

    • Overview of the scope of the interpretation of a cartel, showing that this area almost turned into a strict liability tort claim with outrageous consequences

    • How a simple marketing idea can turn into entanglement of numerous facets of corruption, fraud, and fiscial evasion

    • Practical guidance on how not to get into such trouble—including stress tests of compliance programs, how to taylor and set up the perfect compliance program for a company, and internal amnesty programs

  13. Common Session: How to Build a Global Data Protection Plan

    2019 European Compliance & Ethics Institute (ECEI)  | Presenter(s): Augusta Speiser  | March 11, 2019 

    • Challenges and lessons learned from the GDPR implementation

    • Understanding other data protection and privacy risks in jurisdictions outside of Europe

    • Creating one global program—is it possible?

  14. Data Breach: The Role of a Compliance Pro When It Goes Wrong

    2019 European Compliance & Ethics Institute (ECEI)  | Presenter(s): Jonathan Armstrong, Pete Wood, Kevin Paterson  | March 11, 2019 

    • Data breaches are about the most challenging tasks that a compliance professional has to face. Under GDPR data breaches are truly “bet the company” events.

    • Discussion of the role of the compliance officer when things go wrong

    • A chronological walk-through of a breach, based on real-life events and the real-life expertise of handling more than 60 breaches

  15. Becoming "Invited In": Creating Compliance "Addicts" Globally

    2019 European Compliance & Ethics Institute (ECEI)  | Presenter(s): Nadege Rochel, Susan A. Roberts  | March 11, 2019 

    • How to develop as individuals and as teams to enhance the perception of the Compliance Function —to be more approachable, trusted, and practical, while continuing to ensure compliance — and become “invited in” by the business

    • See enhanced training, communication, and awareness activities that enabled a small team of Compliance professionals to create “Compliance Addicts” and help our teams to understand and follow applicable laws around the world

    • Tips, tools, games, and instructions that can be adapted to fit your program

  16. The Risks In Assessing Risk

    2019 European Compliance & Ethics Institute (ECEI)  | Presenter(s): Adam Turteltaub  | March 11, 2019 

    • A look at behavioral research that shows how bad humans can be at assessing risk

    • Interactive segments that will test the audience’s ability to assess risk and probability

    • How to avoid getting caught in the most common traps

  17. Global Compliance Programs -Applying the Positive: How to Remove the Complexity, Mystery, and Negative Stigma Around Your Program

    2019 European Compliance & Ethics Institute (ECEI)  | Presenter(s): Susan Du Becker  | March 11, 2019 

    • Who are you? In order to build your program, you need to understand your company culture, the critical areas for focus, and what is important for the business. What does this really mean? And who do you need to garner support from?

    • What is the real focus? Too many times we get caught up in the weeds of only looking at financial and regulatory practice. Start small, think tall. You cannot solve all the problems, but you can build on a strong foundation — how, when, and who should?

    • People — how to get them on board, willing and able to help drive the program of compliance and ethics in the company; Relevancy—making it real for your business and the employees.

  18. How to Incentivize Mid-Sized Enterprises to Adopt Robust Compliance Programs: Lessons from Thailand, Africa, and Central Asia

    2019 European Compliance & Ethics Institute (ECEI)  | Presenter(s): Anna Kompanek, Frank Brown  | March 11, 2019 

    • How to motivate one of the risk-prone segments of global value chains, based on lessons learned by a trainer with experience from Africa to Eurasia

    • What sets mid-sized businesses apart from large corporations and how to tailor your program to accommodate smaller firms’ needs

    • How access to credit and export control preferences have proven to be strong incentives in engaging mid-sized companies, which are generally not as sensitive to enforcement actions

  19. Successes and Failures in the Fight Against Bribery: The OECD Perspective

    2019 European Compliance & Ethics Institute (ECEI)  | Presenter(s): Drago Kos  | March 11, 2019 

    • Achievements of countries in fighting foreign bribery

    • Challenges undermining global anti-corruption efforts

    • Future perspectives to have in order to motivate countries and companies to do more in enhancing compliance

  20. The Code of Conduct and Its Communication Campaign: A Perfect Match!

    2019 European Compliance & Ethics Institute (ECEI)  | Presenter(s): Lara Bonora  | March 11, 2019 

    • Learn how to encourage a culture of “doing the right thing”—with the ultimate goal of protecting the reputation and strengthening sustainability and competitiveness of business.

    • The Code of Conduct’s effectiveness greatly depends on its communication. No matter how good the document is, it will be meaningless unless fostered and spread out.

    • It is fundamental to live and enjoy the Code of Conduct through different initiatives: tone from the top, brochure publication, dedicated events, videos, gamification, posters, gadgets, etc.

  21. Corporate Responsibility and Liability: A Global Perspective

    2019 European Compliance & Ethics Institute (ECEI)  | Presenter(s): Gabriel L. Imperato  | March 10, 2019 

    • Responsibility and liability for global organizations in the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe

    • Cooperation with government investigations— what it means and where

    • Government enforcement & oversight and employee rights & obligations in global organizations

  22. Biases, Nudges, and Habits: Insights from Behavioral Science to Foster an Ethical Culture

    2019 European Compliance & Ethics Institute (ECEI)  | Presenter(s): Richard T. Bistrong, Enno Behrendt, Carsten Tams  | March 10, 2019 

    • Nudging techniques—such as social norms, default rules, simplifications, and others—that participants can use to make ethical choices more likely in their organizations

    • Insights into Siemens Healthineers’ work towards a habit-based compliance culture—a culture that does not deny human behavior, but manages responsibility by putting human decision-making at the center of attention

    • Some of the behavioral influences and financial pressures that impacted decisions of an International Sales VP, and how those issues can be surfaced and addressed to inspire ethical decision-making

  23. Overview of the Key Elements for Developing a Compliance Program

    2019 European Compliance & Ethics Institute (ECEI)  | Presenter(s): Sheryl Vacca, Debbie Troklus  | March 10, 2019 

    • Identify the key elements of developing a compliance program

    • Identify tools to help with the program development

    • Network with class participants in addressing challenges in developing a program

  24. Compliance the European Way: How to Handle It in a Worldwide Company

    2019 European Compliance & Ethics Institute (ECEI)  | Presenter(s): Maria Lancri, Cecilia Fellouse-Guenkel, Eduard Ivanov  | March 10, 2019 

    • How to convince the non-EU holding company to adapt programs and the worlwide documentation to local regulators guidelines

    • How to deal with regulators when the compliance program follows foreign guidelines

    • How to convince the management of a European company that compliance is more than documentation

  25. Cultural Change That Sticks: How Compliance Can Shift Company Dynamics and Influence Human Behavior

    2019 European Compliance & Ethics Institute (ECEI)  | Presenter(s): Kirsten E. Liston, Paula Davis  | March 10, 2019 

    • The traditional “prevent-detect-punish” model of compliance has its merits. Among other things, it allows companies to demonstrate that they are doing everything possible to identify and address unethical behavior.

    • People and companies are complex and nuanced. While infrastructure and systems matter, real change can only come from a more sophisticated appreciation of the role of human psychology and organizational culture.

    • Personal and cultural factors that can drive resistance to compliance controls and messages — and strategies designed to address each