SCCE Conference Slides and Recordings

  1. Using Technology to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Compliance Program

    2021 Technology and Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Adam Turteltaub, Cheryl Curbeam, Katie Ignatowski  | June 24, 2021 

    • Planning and managing a project to utilize technology for a compliance program

    • Two specific case studies in how technology can be used to make a program more effective

    • Pros and cons of internal development vs. using third-party assistance

    • Efficiencies gained from using technology

  2. Building Your Ethics and Compliance Analytics Program

    2021 Technology and Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Andrew McBride  | June 24, 2021 

    • Developing an analytics plan: Defining who wants what and when

    • Understanding your analytics resourcing options: In-house, outsource, or both?

    • Managing risks, obstacles, and pitfalls when implementing your analytics program

  3. Compliance, Information Security, and the General Counsel: A Necessary Alliance to Fight Cyber Risks

    2021 Technology and Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Alan Brill, John Bennett  | June 24, 2021 

    • Why cyber risk can’t be handled by information security/CISO specialists alone

    • Why the role of compliance in cybersecurity has to change to track with risk management

    • How the evolution of risk leads to an evolution in cooperation between compliance officers, general counsel, and cybersecurity professionals

  4. Organizations at Risk: Cyber and Ransomware Attacks on the Rise

    2021 Technology and Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): John Riggi  | June 24, 2021 

    • The types of cyber attacks which may result in the loss of sensitive data, theft of funds, interruption of operations, and compliance risk exposure

    • The latest cyber tactics and techniques used by international criminal gangs and foreign spies to penetrate organizations, steal data, and execute devastating ransomware attacks

    • The intersection of business risk, compliance, technology, and cyber risk and what the compliance officer can do to identify and mitigate cyber risk

  5. SolarWinds Attack, Cybersecurity, and Compliance (June 2021)

    2021 Technology and Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Matt Kelley, Daniel Ayala, Desarie Green  | June 24, 2021 

    • A review of what happened in the SolarWinds attack and how

    • The cybersecurity imperatives that will arise as a consequence of the attack and, specifically, the heightened attention around the “software supply chain”

    • What compliance officers should anticipate for third-party risk management, breach disclosure, and internal controls to avoid a repeat of such disasters

  6. What is the Future of Cybercompliance When the World Has Fragmented into Different Data Jurisdictions? (June 2021)

    2021 Technology and Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Nicolas Reys, Stina Connor  | June 24, 2021 

    • Understand how digital connectivity is accelerating disruptive attacks on critical infrastructure

    • Manage the implications of more protectionism in the creation and trade of software and hardware

    • Examine the impact of diverging regulatory approaches to data privacy and data security

  7. What Can Movies And TV Shows Teach Us About Ethics And Compliance?

    2021 Nashville Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference  | Presenter(s): Adam Balfour, Glenn McLea  | June 18, 2021 

    • Adults (andragogy) learn in different ways from children (pedagogy) and adults can learn by leveraging life experiences and using stories

    • Many TV shows and movies have relevant ethics and compliance related lessons that can help employees learn about important topics in a more engaging and memorable way

    • Hear about some examples of different movies and TV shows that will help you connect with employees and help them learn and understand about important aspects of an effective ethics and compliance program

  8. How Will the New Administration Change the Role of Compliance?

    2021 Nashville Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference  | Presenter(s): Charles Webb  | June 18, 2021 

    • What are some of the key compliance topics and challenges we expect the Biden Administration to prioritize and address in the coming months?

    • Who is the Biden Administration considering for key enforcement and regulatory positions, and what do those appointments tell us about the Administration’s legislative, enforcement and regulatory agendas?

    • How should companies react to the Biden Administration’s emerging policy priorities and what can they be doing now to prepare and further mature their compliance programs?

  9. Influencing Leaders to Create a Speaking-Up Culture

    2021 Nashville Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference  | Presenter(s): Debbie Sabatini Hennelly  | June 18, 2021 

    • Influencing leaders to take accountability for encouraging the free flow of information, even when the facts are hard to hear, is essential to cresting a speaking up culture

    • Psychological safety has multiple benefits, in addition to mitigating risk, which can be useful in gaining buy-in from leaders; it also enhances competitiveness through fostering innovation and a culture of inclusion

    • The Compliance & Ethics function can be a strategic partner in the organization by helping to remove barriers to psychological safety, promoting courage and clarity, and helping drive cultural change

  10. Leveraging Data to Improve Your compliance Program

    2021 Nashville Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference  | Presenter(s): Beth Davis, Michelle Balaklaw  | June 18, 2021 

    • Data can be utilized by legal teams to identify educational opportunities, hone in on hotline reporting trends by department and region, and demonstrate program success when presenting to leadership

    • Leveraging analytics also allows for the automation of work processes enabling you to work smarter, not harder

    • Embracing data allows legal teams to better communicate with other business functions, thus enabling you to be a better business partner and better advocate for your compliance program

  11. When and How to Refresh your Code of Conduct in a Way That Actually Makes Sense

    2021 Nashville Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference  | Presenter(s): Ricardo Pellafone  | June 18, 2021 

    • Overhauling a Code of Conduct is a massive project and often it’s unnecessary and counter productive

    • How to think about your Code in a way that will establish it as a true foundation and free you from an endless cycle of exhausting updates

    • How to redo your Code, if you truly need to, to make it last by future-proofing it as much as possible

  12. Whose Line Is it Anyway: Legal and Compliance Roles, Responsibilities and Collaboration

    2021 Nashville Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference  | Presenter(s): Lisa Estrada, Karen Louis, Matt Kelly, Tizgel High  | June 18, 2021 

    • What are the keys to a successful legal compliance collaborations?

    • Where do legal and compliance roles and responsibilities within a company typically overlap, run on separate tracks or even conflict?

    • What are some pros and cons of having lawyers functioning in compliance roles?

  13. Update on SASB and the ESG Reporting Landscape

    ESG and Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Neil Stewart  | June 17, 2021 

    • Overview of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board

    • Progress towards a global system of comprehensive corporate reporting

    • Governance and internal controls for ESG reporting

  14. ESG in Third Party and Pre-Transactional Diligence

    ESG and Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Sofia Marsaglia, Matt Kelly  | June 17, 2021 

    • Divergence and convergence of compliance/regulatory and ESG diligence

    • ESG as an opportunity and a requirement

    • Case studies in third party relationships and pre-transactional diligence

  15. Emerging Issues in Environmental Risks: Panel Discussion

    ESG and Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Ana Luci Grizzi, Rick Comrie, Athanasios Stathopoulos, David Heller  | June 17, 2021 

    • Current state of environmental risk management

    • Emerging practices for managing environmental risks

    • Trends and expectations for the future

  16. Emerging Issues in Governance Risks: Panel Discussion

    ESG and Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Lisa Beth Lentini Walker, Anne Chapman, Rhonda Brauer, Doug Chia  | June 17, 2021 

    • Current state of governance risk management

    • Emerging practices for managing governance risks

    • Trends and expectations for the future

  17. Emerging Issues in Social Risks: Panel Discussion

    ESG and Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Rebecca Rehm, Mariana Abreu, Eugenia Blackmon, Ricardo Lopez  | June 17, 2021 

    • Current state of social risk management

    • Emerging practices for managing social risks, with a particular focus on diversity and inclusion

    • Trends and expectations for the future

  18. The Current State of Affairs in ESG

    ESG and Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Nell Minow, Adam Turteltaub  | June 17, 2021 

    • What are investors looking for from ESG?

    • How can we make the best use of ESG data?

    • What will the Biden administration do to require better ESG disclosure?

  19. One Company's ESG Journey

    ESG and Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Michele Abraham, Rick Comrie  | June 17, 2021 

    • Factors contributing to embarking on ESG

    • The process of developing an ESG program

    • Collaboration for success with ESG