SCCE Conference Slides and Recordings

  1. How to Promote and Reinforce Your Company's Values Through an Ambassador Program (2021 SCCE Web Conference)

    2021 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): JP Shotwell, Michael Chinn, Toni-Lynne Langeveld  | February 10, 2021 

    • Learn how to garner leadership support for your ambassador program, select the right ambassadors, and engage them through meaningful dialogue, tools and resources

    • Learn how to promote an ethical and compliant culture through an ambassador program and what it takes to start a program from the ground up. Select the right people to reinforce behaviors you want your employees to embody

    • Learn how to reinvent your ambassador program to promote a values-based culture. Find out how SCE transformed its Ethics Ambassador Program to its current Values Ambassador Program and the impact its ambassadors have had on fostering a positive work environment

  2. Compliance in LATAM: Interesting Case Studies from the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Industries

    2021 South America Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference  | Presenter(s): Diana Ramirez  | February 04, 2021 

    • Compliance in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry in LATAM, at a glance

    • Iconic cases in the region (Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Chile), analysis, development and conclusions

    • Lessons learned and applicability to other sectors

  3. Conducting Cross-Border Internal Investigations in LATAM

    2021 South America Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference  | Presenter(s): Melina Llodra, Mariana Idrogo  | February 04, 2021 

    • Planning the Investigation: Defining scope and team, developing policy and crisis procedures

    • Conducting interviews, gathering documents, data protection, protocols and use of technology

    • Key issues and challenges while drafting the investigation report and the post-investigation phase

  4. Conversation with the Integrity Promotion Director at CGU

    2021 South America Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference  | Presenter(s): Shin Jae Kim, Pedro Ruske Freitas  | February 04, 2021 

    • Monitorship of leniency agreements

    • Highlights and trends of an effective programs

    • Status of international cooperation for integrity promotion

    • Initiatives to oversight emergency purchases made by states, municipalities and the federal government to combat the pandemic of new coronavirus

  5. Interviewing Skills

    2021 South America Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference  | Presenter(s): Erika Saravia Ayala  | February 04, 2021 

    • Review key points to consider prior to starting an interview within an investigation

    • Learn quick tips to handle difficult interviews, and how to read body language

    • Prepare ourselves and get the most out of the interviews to help strengthen investigations

  6. It's Not a Bird...It's Not a Plane; It's the Compliance Officer Protecting the Company from Money Laundering!

    2021 South America Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference  | Presenter(s): Mónica Ramírez Chimal  | February 04, 2021 

    • Understand Your Kryptonite: What money laundering is and its key characteristics

    • Get to know real-life international cases to understand how money is laundered

    • Establish Your Anti-Kryptonite: Learn main practical and effective controls

  7. Privacy Compliance Professionals Leveraging Technology

    2021 South America Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference  | Presenter(s): Stephen Cheeseman, Monserrat Guitart, Juanita Acosta, Andres Williamson Nasi  | February 04, 2021 

    • Global privacy values (versus local or country-specific)

    • Privacy by design (The Ann Cavoukian Model): The first step in the privacy compliance path

    • Technology methodology that privacy compliance officers can leverage

  8. Six Principles for Great Compliance Training (Complimentary Member Exclusive)

    2021 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Kirsten Liston  | February 03, 2021 

  9. Clear, Concise, and Captivating: Tips on How to Communicate with the C-Suite and Board of Directors (2021 SCCE Web Conference)

    2021 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): August Immel  | January 28, 2021 

    • Briefing the organization's senior leadership is the opportunity you want - all eyes on you to present compliance issues as the expert in the room.  Learn how to own that role with excellent oral and written skills.  Seize the opportunity; do not fear it

    • Rhetoric is a mandatory topic in classical education for a reason.  By knowing what your audience needs to hear, reading their body language, and focusing your presentation on key elements, your point will not only be made, but it will also be remembered

    • The key to presenting your material is knowing what must be said, what can be omitted, and how to manage time, especially when speaking with senior leadership.  Learn tips on how to craft your presentation in a way that works for everyone

  10. Challenges of Implementing a Risk-Based Third-Party Due Diligence Program (2021 SCCE Web Conference)

    2021 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Ansie Delport, Lila Acharya, Sonal Shah  | January 25, 2021 

    • Do you know who your third parties are and what they do for you? Many companies struggle with this as they seek to formalize their third-party due diligence procedures. We will discuss strategies for tackling this challenge

    • Technology and third-party due diligence - friend or foe? The market is now flooded with automated due diligence platforms and screening tools for conducting third party due diligence. How do you determine what is best for your company

    • What constitutes a “risk-based” approach to third-party due diligence? The DOJ, SFO, and AFA all advise taking one, but devising a strategy can be challenging. We will discuss best practices in developing procedures appropriate for your company

  11. Anti-Corruption: Government Priorities for 2021

    2021 Southern California Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference  | Presenter(s): Brian Michael, Eric Feldman, Sarah Levitt  | January 22, 2021 

    • Meet the Enforcers: Insight on recently announced appointees and potential candidates for enforcement leadership roles

    • Anticipated DOJ Enforcement Priorities: Comparison of the new and outgoing administrations

    • Expectations for other enforcement agencies, including CFPB, Special IG for Pandemic Recovery, Agency OIGs, and suspending and debarring officials

    • Likely interplay between federal and state enforcement activity

  12. Building or Altering Your Compliance Program On the Fly: How to Prioritize When Regulators, Monitors or Other External Forces Demand Immediate Changes

    2021 Southern California Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference  | Presenter(s): Mikhail Reider-Gordon  | January 22, 2021 

    • This session will examine how those within corporate compliance departments and related groups can work to prioritize addressing compliance deficiencies identified by external drivers where demands for immediate corrective actions collide with resource limitations

    • Many companies feel overwhelmed when outside supervisory authorities identify a litany of regulatory compliance deficiencies and fail to give precedence to those that can have the most devastating impacts

    • How do senior management, Corporate Counsel, Ethics & Compliance departments and other internal stakeholders learn to recognize and remediate areas of deficiency when urgency eclipses long-term plans?

  13. Navigating Compliance in a Changing Risk Landscape

    2021 Southern California Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference  | Presenter(s): Neha Gupta  | January 22, 2021 

    • Working from home: How does this affect your employees as well as your clients?

    • How has your E&C Budget changed?

    • As social distancing looks to be the norm for the next year or so, how do E&C professionals deal with the current normal?

  14. What the Government Looks for in Compliance Training

    2021 Southern California Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference  | Presenter(s): Ricardo Pellafone  | January 22, 2021 

    • Breaking down common myths about what you “need” to do

    • Understanding how prevention and defensibility work together

    • Avoiding what most companies get wrong (and what to do instead)

  15. Security, Privacy, Compliance: the Confluence, the Crossover and the Critical People Needs

    2021 Southern California Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference  | Presenter(s): Lisa Beth Lentini Walker, Daniel Ayala  | January 22, 2021 

    • Learn about the trends forcing greater collaboration

    • Discover ways to effectively communicate when you don’t (yet) speak the same language

    • Create your personal (and team) roadmap to meeting the people skill challenges ahead

  16. Transformation! 5 Success Strategies for Compliance Changemakers (2021 Southern California Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference)

    2021 Southern California Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference  | Presenter(s): Amii Barnard-Bahn, Virginia MacSuibhne  | January 22, 2021 

    • Organizations have a natural tendency to resist change. Compliance leaders need to adopt change management principles to successfully manage this natural resistance

    • Learn the 5 change management principles that will enable you to manage compliance initiatives for optimal acceptance, cultivate positive business relationships, and create an information funnel that enables continuous improvement

    • Explore a Roche case study illustrating how change management principles transformed the business. Attendees will come away with a deep understanding that change management ensures our most important work is built to last

  17. The Role Of Leadership In An Effective Compliance Program: Effectively Engaging Leadership In Your Organization

    2021 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Adam Balfour  | January 21, 2021 

    • Leaders and managers play a key role in building and sustaining a culture of compliance and ensuring an effective compliance program

    • Learn why leaders are so key and practical strategies for how and what you can do to engage leaders within your organization’s compliance program

    • Learn how to engage leaders, leverage their voice and use incentives to recognize leaders that set the gold standard

  18. Data Protection and Breaches in the Internet of Things

    2021 Asia Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference  | Presenter(s): Sanjeev Gathani  | January 08, 2021 

    • Privacy: Where are we heading and how we can identify and manage the risks and controls?

    • 8 steps to identify and manage privacy risks delivered through the use of templates and games

    • Operational readiness of data breach action plans delivered to stimulated attack and presentations

  19. Managing Conflicts of Interest (2021 Asia Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference)

    2021 Asia Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference  | Presenter(s): Benny Augustine  | January 08, 2021 

    • Promote a great culture of disclosure and effective disclosure management

    • Foster an effective organization-wide awareness program

    • Senior Leaders and managers walk the talk

  20. The Aga Khan University Safe Disclosure Program: It is More Than Just Whistleblowing!

    2021 Asia Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference  | Presenter(s): Saba Hameed  | January 08, 2021 

    • Impact of name change from Whistleblowing to Safe Disclosure

    • Challenging the Status Quo: Journey from NO to reporting to Yes to reporting

    • We are there to help! Report in good faith and OWN your process

  21. The Impact of COVID-19 on Modern Slavery in Supply Chains Across the World

    2021 Asia Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference  | Presenter(s): Matthew Friedman  | January 08, 2021 

    • COVID-19 is creating a situation where modern slavery within supply chains is increasing

    • This outcome is increasing the potential for significant business risk

    • There are a series of remedies that can be used to protect a business

  22. Cultivation of Culture and Compliance Partnerships (2020 SCCE Web Conference)

    2020 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Ashley Lewis, Jaclyn Badeau  | December 16, 2020 

    • Understand the importance of building a culture of compliance and communication

    • Learn tips on building cross-functional partnerships, including harnessing and developing your EQ skills

    • Recognize the importance of engaging employees in the compliance process

    • Understand why words are so important with your Hotline solution

  23. Identifying Personnel Needs and Leveraging Varied Skill Sets to Staff an Effective Compliance Department (2020 SCCE Web Conference)

    2020 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Felipe Maldonado Garcia, Greg Bates  | December 15, 2020 

    • Align the compliance programs staffing needs with the organization’s commercial strategy and risk assessment

    • Evaluate the compliance programs personnel needs versus existing resources to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

    • Consider various ways to fill resource gaps, including providing employee growth opportunities, repurposing team members, and leveraging employees outside the core compliance department

  24. 2020 Hindsight: Anti-Corruption Developments in 2020

    2020 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Ann Sultan, James Tillen  | December 09, 2020 

    • Become familiar with the major FCPA cases of 2020

    • Learn about the policy developments affecting corporate compliance programs from the DOJ this year

    • Catch up on key international developments in anti-corruption, such a new guidance from the UK on DPAs

  25. Auditing & Monitoring in a Remote World

    2020 Remote Workforce Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Donald Griffith  | December 08, 2020 

    • Learn what has changed and what has stayed the same when tracking the performance of your program

    • What you should be looking for in terms of call volume and incident reporting

    • How to adjust your ongoing monitoring, both formal and informal