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Returning to business travel: Mitigating risk for your employees

Michael F. Savicki ( is Vice President for Risk, Compliance & ESG—The Americas, and Global Head of Privacy & Commercial Compliance at American Express Global Business Travel.

The disruption of recent months has forced companies around the world to rewrite business plans and alter operations. Perhaps most significant has been the unprecedented migration of workers to virtual, work-from-home environments, necessitated by travel restrictions and the widespread lockdown of citizens. But as the rules curtailing people’s movement are eased, much has been written and said about the best way to get people back to their offices.

One topic not discussed as much as it should be is the return of business travel. While the number of flight bookings remain generally low, there has been a recent uptick in some locations. In October 2020, for example, more than a million passengers passed through the Transportation Security Administration checkpoints for the first time since the lockdown began.[1] Companies, therefore, would be well advised to start preparing.

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