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Reduce compliance risks as your workforce becomes permanently remote

Brett Sipes ( is Managing Director at Global Tax Network in San Diego, California, USA.

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed employees into unanticipated work-from-home arrangements. Now, as companies adopt more permanent remote-work routines, compliance risk is skyrocketing, and corporate leaders need to start planning to avoid unwanted consequences.

For many companies, remote work started as a temporary way to promote workplace safety during the pandemic. However, new variants of the virus and labor demand are transforming it into a more permanent way of doing business. Unfortunately, compliance risk is rising as companies realize employees are now scattered across states and around the globe.

As workers conduct business across borders—often in locations unknown to employers—the dangers of tax violations, reputational damage, and financial setbacks are climbing. If companies want to reduce compliance risk as the remote workforce becomes more permanent, they need to become proactive fast.

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