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The 'Reappraised' Checklist for Evaluation of Publication Integrity

Not all items will be applicable to every publication, and other questions might be relevant for individual categories.[1]

R — Research governance

  • Are the locations where the research took place specified, and is this information plausible?

  • Is a funding source reported?

  • Has the study been registered?

  • Are details such as dates and study methods in the publication consistent with those in the registration documents?

E — Ethics

  • Is there evidence that the work has been approved by a specific, recognized committee?

  • Are there any concerns about unethical practice?

A — Authorship

  • Do all authors meet criteria for authorship?

  • Are contributorship statements present?

  • Are contributorship statements complete?

  • Is authorship of related papers consistent?

  • Can co-authors attest to the reliability of the paper?

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