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Protecting corporate data in the work-from-home era

Melody Haase ( is the Head of Client Success at 4Discovery, a digital forensics firm based in Chicago.

Work restrictions created by COVID-19 forced companies worldwide to quickly adopt technologies and fundamentally change the way they do business. In October 2020, McKinsey & Company released the results of a survey that showed companies exponentially adopted digital technologies to do business, and these same companies do not expect that to change.[1] However, in a rush to adopt new technologies during a crisis, companies were often focused on business continuity rather than security.

Security companies around the globe have reported increases in ransomware, data breaches via email, and unauthorized access of systems. Data breaches of all shapes and sizes can fundamentally impact a company’s ability to do business and/or its reputation. Many articles about data security are focused on outrageous statistics and horror stories of businesses shutting their doors because of a security incident. Rather than focusing on scary statistics and costly solutions, this article will focus on general security concepts and some common things companies can do to enhance corporate data privacy during the work-from-home era. By the end of this article, readers will be better informed and more prepared to take the next steps to protect corporate data.

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