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Mentoring in compliance: Building and sustaining critical relationships

Lisa Beth Lentini Walker ( is the CEO of Lumen Worldwide Endeavors, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Daniel Ayala ( is CISO and Chief Privacy Officer of Secratic in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

Almost everyone attributes at least some of their success to the mentors who helped along the career journey, and there are widely varying definitions and expectations about what mentoring is and is not. For the purposes of this article, mentoring is the act of providing support, insights, and guidance for someone else in a business context. Mentors are often found outside one’s own organization or even one’s own enterprise.

Mentorships can be formal or informal, but in any form a mentoring relationship takes, it can have a profound effect. The joy of mentoring includes a feeling of exhilaration that you are helping shape someone’s development and helping them grow. The protégé can also be given advice and connections that allow them to reach heights that might have been more challenging without the support. 

Compliance as a relatively new profession hasn’t had the history with mentoring that other areas, such as academia or science professions, have had. To help guide the formation and healthy development of mentoring relationships in the compliance profession, here are a few keys to success.

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