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Meet Larry Harrison and Dr. Robert Adler: Building an effective compliance program one dyad at a time

Larry Harrison, CEO of Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles Medical Group, and Dr. Robert Adler, Chief Medical Director of the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Health System, were interviewed in January 2020 by Debbie Troklus, member of the SCCE & HCCA Board of Directors and Senior Managing Director at Ankura in Chicago, IL.

DT: What is your position at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Medical Group (CHLAMG)?

LH: Chief Executive Officer.

RA: Chief Medical Director, CHLA Health System and Senior Vice Chair of Pediatrics.

DT: I understand that to become the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), you must be a board member. Does the Board support this role? How was this decision made?

LH: The Board absolutely supports the CCO. That is why the CCO must be a board member, to try to hardwire cooperation among board members.

RA: Yes, the Board is very supportive. The CCO must be integrated into both the strategic planning and the organizational culture and functioning to be effective.

DT: What role did you play in the development of the compliance program for CHLAMG?

LH: The compliance program has been in existence at CHLAMG since 1997. In 2017, Dr. Robert Adler, who was the compliance officer at the time, and I led the redesign and restructure of our compliance department. We brought in outside consulting to assist on redesigning our program. Jeff Troklus from Ankura served as interim director of compliance, guiding us through redesigning, as well as assisting us in recruitment of our current director of compliance, Meg Grimaldi.

RA: We worked closely with the compliance director to develop, implement, and disseminate policies to educate the medical group members on how to effectively and efficiently incorporate compliance into the routine practice.

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