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'Management by objectives': An impediment to corporate compliance

Ibrahim Yeku ( is the Founder of and, based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

The desire to operate within the ambit of what is legally and ethically acceptable is often much-admired by many organizations, but whether they live up to this expectation is another issue entirely. More often than not, the ability to meet compliance targets is commonly bedeviled by the management approach or style adopted by organizations. Ideally, individual career aspirations within a given organization should work in tandem with the overall corporate objectives; however, having an ambition beyond the threshold of corporate goals constitutes conflict of interest, as it may compromise the organization’s corporate compliance objectives.

Therefore, there is an urgent need to strike a balance between corporate compliance goals and employees’ career objectives through the careful adaptation of management principles that promote ethical and lawful pursuit of the organization’s objectives.

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