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'Making the numbers': How compliance can boost ethical sales behavior

Ken Kluvo ( is a Director for The Red Flag Group in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, organizations and their frontline sales teams are seeking every advantage possible to drive profitable revenue growth. But this can create challenges and internal friction points that will lead to unethical and sometime unlawful behaviors. Since an organization’s sales professionals are typically the face of the company to the outside world, what can an organization’s leadership do to ensure an environment and culture are in place to produce highly ethical behaviors on the part of their sales team?

This article outlines practical guidelines and strategies for executives, compliance professionals, and sales teams to ensure that their organization maximizes its sales effectiveness while turning ethics into a sustainable competitive advantage. It is also intended to help compliance professionals better understand the challenges faced by their firm’s sales teams and the pressures they are under to perform. This in turn can help close the experience gap between compliance teams and their colleagues in sales. Leveraged correctly, compliance professionals will more naturally be viewed as trusted and valued advisors to a firm’s revenue-generation efforts.

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