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Make training appeal to the inner child

Calvin London ( is the former head of Business Operations and Integrity in Australia and New Zealand for Celgene Pty Ltd. and now runs The Compliance Concierge, a consulting company based in Australia.

For some companies, training has become very pedestrian, to the detriment of the end purpose: to educate and impart knowledge. I have, over my time of being associated with both quality and compliance training, heard the same comments back from employees: This is boring. I almost fell asleep. I didn’t learn anything new. Why do we have to do this again?

Over the past few months I have written articles highlighting the training overload imposed on employees[1] and suggesting some examples that worked for us to recharge our training.[2] In this article I provide further examples of how training can be recharged by thinking out of the box: (i) introducing personal examples to emphasize compliance principles and (ii) appealing to the inner child in all of us.

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