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At Least One MAC Changes Course, Allows PACT Error Adjustments

In a reversal of fortune, some hospitals will be able to recover the difference between MS-DRG payments and per diem payments in connection with post-acute care transfer (PACT) payment policy errors. MACs recently sent hospitals demand letters for the full MS-DRG payments, which is more money than they owe, compliance professionals and physician advisors said.[1] But now at least one Medicare administrative contractor (MAC) is compromising. Palmetto GBA said Feb. 3 it will recover the MS-DRG payments, but then hospitals can refile claims for the per diems.

“The denials are establishing overpayments for the full [MS-DRG] payment amount. Providers can submit adjustment claims with the appropriate patient discharge code to receive a per diem payment,”[2] Palmetto said on its website.

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