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It’s not just about compliance; ethics must be institutionally embedded

Ken Chamberlain ( is Managing Director at the CSI Group in Moscow, Russia.

It’s no easy task being a compliance and ethics (C&E) leader in today’s volatile business environment with seemingly endless scrutiny of your activities. You’re probably being quizzed from many different directions, from your board and shareholders to your counterparts, from regulators to middle management. The list of urgent issues can sometimes seem insurmountable as you prioritize your agenda.

When it rains, it pours. This idiom appears to perfectly describe a typical C&E function as the volume of urgent to-do lists accelerates without pause, all of which are assigned top priority. So, the former top priority slips down to number two, number two to number three, and so on.

Ethics, quite rightly, has been given equal status to compliance. It’s no longer just about achieving results, but also the manner they are attained.

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