How well does your organization know your compliance program?

How well do the employees in your organization know your compliance program? That’s the million-dollar question. And periodic employee surveys can help provide compliance officers with the answers.

The HCCA-OIG Measuring Compliance Program Effectiveness: A Resource Guide offers compliance officers more than 50 ways to survey employees on their knowledge of the organization’s compliance program.[1]

Basic survey questions can determine employees’ knowledge of:

  • The identity of the compliance officer

  • How to reach the compliance officer and the compliance team

  • What types of issues to report to the compliance department

  • The organization’s hotline number

  • Whether the hotline number is posted in employees’ work areas

  • Whether the reporting system is accessible in languages that are most spoken in the organization

  • How to make a report anonymously

  • Whether employees feel the organization’s hotline is truly anonymous

  • Whether employees feel they can freely report compliance issues without fear of retaliation

  • Whether they have felt or feared retaliation

  • The organization’s policy on nonretaliation for good-faith reporting

  • Whether employees feel their concerns are taken seriously and adequately addressed

  • How to find the organization’s code of conduct and other compliance policies

  • The organization’s expectations on completion of new hire and annual compliance training

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