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How to communicate your compliance message

Beth Friedman ( is CEO and Founder at Agency Ten22 in Cumming, GA, and Rita Bowen ( is Vice Presidentof Privacy, Compliance, and HIM Policyat MRO in Norristown, PA.

Effective communication goes well beyond the basic exchange of information. It requires the ability to listen to others and articulate your message in ways that promote understanding and connection. People want to be heard and understood. As healthcare faces an unprecedented crisis with the coronavirus pandemic, we’re seeing an accelerated movement toward teamwork and industry collaboration.

Teamwork, problem-solving, and innovation are more important than ever before. And communication is at the heart of those critical efforts. Though communication is often considered an inherent ability, it requires skills to cultivate authentic, meaningful connections. Clear communication reduces errors, minimizes time to address mishaps, averts assumptions that lead to fear and intimidation, and overall builds trust and respect.

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