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How to build corporate culture: Part 2

Anders Ling ( is Managing Director at Compass Consulting, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

In Part 1 of this three-part series, we addressed values and laying the foundation. In this second article, we will be examining the positive outcomes that happen when our employees are consistently brave, fair, and honest.

In the first part of this series addressing corporate culture, we examined the foundation for creating a purpose-driven and values-based organization where the building blocks of courage, fairness, and honesty results in a foundation of individuals across the organization demonstrating and acting with integrity—doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

The consistency in behavior and actions makes us as individuals and the whole organization predictable. Although predictability is generally perceived as boring, the fact is that it builds trust. Our colleagues, customers, clients, and other stakeholders—everyone that we interact with—will eventually recognize the consistency in behavior and will therefore be able to anticipate our actions and reactions; they’ll know that these will be fair and honest and based on a “it is in both of our best interests” mindset rather than the self-centric “what’s in it for me?” one. Even in challenging circumstances, we will have the courage to sustain our integrity and to withstand temptations of personal short-term gain. We are now demonstrating moral resilience.

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