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Hosting effective compliance trainings in a virtual classroom

Patricia Marinho ( is a Compliance Director, LATAM, for Willis Watson Towers in Miami, Florida, USA. Emanuel Batista ( is an Associate Managing Director in Kroll’s Compliance Risk and Diligence practice in Washington, DC, USA.

In today’s working environment, employees are unable to walk down the hall and stop by a colleague’s office to exchange ideas about a project. As a result, the number of meetings at some organizations has substantially increased. In an attempt to stay connected, management has increased the number of meetings and trainings being conducted, and as such, the potential for lack of interest and participation by some employees have become a common theme in corporate environments. In April 2020, only a month into the pandemic, Microsoft reported a new daily record for meetings held on its virtual meeting platform: 2.7 billion meeting minutes in one day, which represented about a 200% increase from the previous high of 900 million minutes.[1]

These same risks are associated with mandatory employee trainings that organizations conduct to give employees the guidance they need to perform effectively and to enable them to comply with regulations and best practices. By including too many people, covering too many topics, and holding prolonged training sessions, companies risk hosting trainings that are not focused or tailored to their goals and do not provide thought-provoking, relevant information that enables employees to achieve established goals and objectives. This article seeks to provide insights on how to conduct more effective training sessions and generate employee engagement, stimulate conversations within an organization, and highlight the importance of providing risk-based content in the era of virtual meetings.

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