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Helping organizations achieve compliance in the wake of the coronavirus

Kimberly Gillespie ( is Counsel at Troutman Pepper in Richmond, VA, and Henry C. Fader ( is Counsel at Troutman Pepper in Philadelphia, PA.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the first half of 2020, the healthcare industry responded on many levels to help communities and save lives. To support this extraordinary effort, federal and state governments released numerous guidelines, directives, rules, Q&As, and regulations to remove barriers standing in the way of patient care at a time of national crisis. Many of these initiatives relaxed or countermanded policies, procedures, and accrediting standards, in all levels of care, including hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and telehealth. Over time, however, we expect many of these initiatives to further morph and/or unwind. This will be challenging for the healthcare industry, and compliance officers will play a critical role in guiding their organizations through this change.

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