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  1. Podcasts, Tied to Hotline, Are One Way to Evolve Compliance Program

    Report on Medicare Compliance Volume 31, Number 35. September 26, 2022  | Author: Nina Youngstrom  | September 26, 2022 

    To diversify its compliance training, UofL Health in Kentucky is introducing podcasts, with the first devoted to the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA). The podcasts will be an adjunct to the annual compliance training and are another expression of UofL’s evolving and maturing compliance program, said Shelly Denham, senior vice president of compliance, risk and audit services...

  2. 'Sea Change' Is Near with APPs, Medical Staff Membership; Free APP Services Pose a Risk

    Report on Medicare Compliance Volume 31, Number 35. September 26, 2022  | Author: Nina Youngstrom  | September 26, 2022 

    When advanced practice providers (APPs) have admitting privileges, they’re allowed to admit patients without the attending physician’s countersignature, assuming state law doesn’t stand in the way. But if APPs don't have admitting privileges, physicians will continue to be burdened by the countersignature requirement on admission orders...

  3. FDA Plan Strives to Increase Diversity in Research, Build Trust

    Report on Medicare Compliance Volume 31, Number 34. September 19, 2022  | Author: Nina Youngstrom  | September 19, 2022 

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has put out draft guidance to light a fire under the industry to diversify its research enrollment. In keeping with the Biden administration’s push for health equity, the FDA is encouraging more enrollment in clinical trials of research subjects who aren’t only white people (mostly men) with higher incomes, which historically has been the norm, experts say...

  4. 'Transformation' of Compliance Led to Dozens of Changes; Executives Asked How to Help

    Report on Medicare Compliance Volume 31, Number 34. September 19, 2022  | Author: Nina Youngstrom  | September 19, 2022 

    When Donna Schneider joined Lifespan, an academic health system in Rhode Island, as vice president of compliance and internal audit, she had a lot of questions for its leaders, including what it’s like to work with compliance/internal audit, and what they want that they're not getting. Schneider was surprised when, at one point, the executives turned the questions back on her, asking what they could do to help compliance and internal audit...

  5. As COVID-19 Audits Ramp Up, Expect Broad Documentation Requests from Payers, HRSA

    Report on Medicare Compliance Volume 31, Number 33. September 12, 2022  | Author: Nina Youngstrom  | September 12, 2022 

    Audits of COVID-19 claims are ramping up, with private payers and a contractor for the COVID-19 uninsured program apparently taking the lead, although Medicare auditors are probably not far behind, experts say. Auditors are focused on COVID-19 tests and potential upcoding of evaluation and management (E/M) services provided in connection with the tests; they’re expected to look at coding and documentation of COVID-19 diagnoses as well. Providers should brace for a high volume of medical record requests that sometimes are unusually broad in scope...

  6. OIG: Seven Measures of Telehealth Billing That May Indicate Medicare Fraud or Abuse

    Report on Medicare Compliance Volume 31, Number 33. September 12, 2022  | Author: Nina Youngstrom  | September 12, 2022 

    In a new data brief, the HHS Office of Inspector General (OIG) identifies the program integrity risks in telehealth services during the first year of the COVID-19 public health emergency.[1]...

  7. Making HIPAA Compliance Fun

    2022 HCCA Webinar  | September 2022 

    • Overview HIPAA compliance and its Rules from the perspective of a supervisor or trainer.

    • Learn how to plan and prepare for HIPAA compliance.

    • Understand the current and potential uses of mobile technologies (such as health apps), and big data in health care with the privacy and security risks and challenges.

    • Overview of the possible temporary changes in respect to Covid-19 and/or future pandemics.

    • Gain an in-depth understanding of HIPAA Security, Privacy, and Transaction rule.

    • Understand who Business Associates and Covered Entities are and what will they have to do to ensure HITECH HIPAA compliance.

    • Gain an in-depth understanding of HIPAA's role within Telehealth.

  8. What Compliance Professionals Should Know About Cybersecurity

    2022 Boston Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | September 2022 

    • Gain an understanding of the current cybersecurity risks faced by healthcare organizations through the eyes of two CISO's

    • Learn the mitigation strategies and internal controls put in place at two healthcare organizations

    • Hear ideas as to how to develop a collaborative approach to a Cybersecurity Compliance Program

  9. Privacy Briefs: September 2022

    Report on Patient Privacy Volume 22, Number 9. September 07, 2022  | Author: Jane Anderson  | September 07, 2022 

    ◆ More than 92% of patients believe privacy is a right and their health data should not be available for purchase, according to a survey from the American Medical Association (AMA). The survey of 1,000 patients was conducted by Savvy Cooperative, a patient-owned source of health care insights, at the beginning of 2022. It found concern over data privacy protections and confusion regarding who can access personal health information. Nearly 75% of patients expressed concern about protecting the privacy of personal health data, and only 20% of patients indicated they knew the scope of companies and individuals with access to...

  10. Meta Pixel Woes Mount: Novant Discloses Breach Involving Tracker; Three Suits Filed

    Report on Patient Privacy Volume 22, Number 9. September 07, 2022  | Author: Jane Anderson  | September 07, 2022 

    Winston-Salem, North Carolina-based integrated delivery system Novant Health is notifying more than 1.36 million patients that their protected health information (PHI) may have been disclosed by a tracking tool installed on hospitals’ websites that has been collecting PHI and sending it to Facebook...

  11. Rebranding Ethics & Compliance Using People-First Communications: A look into the Five Risks that Brought us Together and Brought us Success

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | August 2022 

    • Build from the Inside Out: Rethink the Org Chart and Embrace Imperfection.

    • Learn How to Create Entertaining Virtual Outreach Experiences that Land with Audiences Across the Globe.

    • Keep it Sustainable and Relevant with Templates, Tools, Tracking and Team Norms.

  12. Clinical trial fraud: Mitigating risk with a compliance program framework

    Compliance Today - September 2022  | Author: Danielle M. Santiago  | August 2022 

    The recent spotlight on the pathway to vaccine development during the COVID-19 pandemic has heightened discussion around science, clinical trial processes, clinical data collection, and the data used to support vaccines and other drug development. Political discussions on the vaccine debate aside, clinical trial conduct may seem secretive and, at times, perhaps not transparent to those unfamiliar. Questioning science and clinical trials hints at underlying implications of fraud or misconduct. However, clinical trial fraud or, more appropriately called, research misconduct, is not a new topic that came with the fury of clinical trial research during the pandemic. In the last...

  13. OSTP Nominee Advances, But NIH, ORI-And Now OCR-Are Still Without Directors

    Report on Research Compliance Volume 19, Number 9. August 25, 2022  | Author: Theresa Defino  | August 25, 2022 

    Among the concerns that investigators and institutional review boards must face, along with ensuring appropriate consent forms and compliance with other provisions in the Common Rule, is the privacy of research participants...

  14. Behavioral Health Changes for 2023 - What is in our Future?

    2022 HCCA Webinar  | August 2022 

    • Educate audience on the FY 2023 ICD-10-CM updates as they relate to mental health services.

    • Discuss changes within the ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting FY 2023.Train audience on proper behavioral health coding and billing guidelines.

    • Question and Answer period.

  15. CMS Urges Providers to Prepare ASAP for Loss of Waivers, Posts Updated Waiver Documents

    Report on Medicare Compliance Volume 31, Number 30. August 22, 2022  | Author: Nina Youngstrom  | August 22, 2022 

    In an Aug. 18 blog, top CMS administrators encourage providers to prepare “as soon as possible” for the loss of the waivers and flexibilities that flow from the COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE) “and to begin moving forward to reestablishing previous health and safety standards and billing practices.” [1]...

  16. Inspiring, Sustaining and Expanding the Network in the Medium and Long Term - Building in Continuous Improvement - August 2022

    2022 Leading an Effective Ethics and Compliance Ambassadors Program  | August 2022 

    • The role of technology in connecting the network

    • Ongoing training and communications, including in-person training if/when it is possible

    • Enabling Ambassadors to respond to employee questions and concerns

  17. Sanford Settles Telehealth Case Over One Physician; It Disclosed Reportable Event

    Report on Medicare Compliance Volume 31, Number 29. August 15, 2022  | Author: Nina Youngstrom  | August 15, 2022 

    Sanford Health, Sanford Clinic and Sanford Medical Center in South Dakota have agreed to pay $25,842 in a settlement about telemedicine services with the HHS Office of Inspector General (OIG). The settlement stemmed from a reportable event under Sanford’s corporate integrity agreement (CIA), which was part of its $20.25 million false claims settlement in 2019.[1]...

  18. Hot Topics in Compliance - August 12, 2022

    2022 Chicago & Kansas City Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | August 2022 

    • Telemedicine compliance during and post pandemic issues

    • Split shared visits and the challenges of compliance

    • Information Blocking: Why most healthcare providers are still not compliant

  19. Regulatory/Compliance Hot Topics in Healthcare - August 12, 2022

    2022 Chicago & Kansas City Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | August 2022 

    • Identify healthcare regulatory/compliance hot topics that may impact your Compliance Workplan

    • Consider strategies and best practices to effectively address those topics

    • Implement actionable items to correct attendant deficiencies

  20. Risk Management for Compliance Officers - August 12, 2022

    2022 Chicago & Kansas City Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | August 2022 

    • List examples of common risk areas for healthcare organizations

    • Review recent enforcement examples and how proactive compliance could have helped to avoid liability

    • Discuss how to use EMR systems to help with self-audits and reviews

  21. Preparing for and Responding to Audits and Investigations - August 12, 2022

    2022 Chicago & Kansas City Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | August 2022 

    • Identify concrete actions that will improve your response to medical record requests and visits from government investigators

    • Understand why myths like "Do Not Send Any Outside Records" are both wrong and harmful

    • Obtain tips for writing appeal letters

  22. After Just 10 Months, OCR Director Pino 'Departed' Agency; HHS Mum on Reasons

    Report on Patient Privacy Volume 22, Number 8. August 11, 2022  | Author: Theresa Defino  | August 11, 2022 

    July 25 could have been a “win” for the Biden administration: It finally would propose new and expanded regulations and protections to implement Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act, which prohibits sex discrimination in health care settings.[1]...

  23. OCR Adds Eight Access Settlements; Enforcement Actions Now Total 38

    Report on Patient Privacy Volume 22, Number 8. August 11, 2022  | Author: Jane Anderson  | August 11, 2022 

    After a four-month pause, the HHS Office for Civil Rights (OCR) resumed in its nearly three-year drive to hold health care organizations accountable for compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule’s foundational right of access provision...

  24. Cybersecurity Compliance for Beginners

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | August 2022 

    • Participants will have a better understanding of how the cyber and digital threat landscape has evolved over the past five years.

    • Participants will have a better understanding of what cybersecurity compliance means and the importance of implementing a cybersecurity compliance program.

    • Participants will leave the session with practical steps for building out their cybersecurity program.

  25. House Extends Telehealth Coverage, Senate Expected to Follow; There May Be Snags With MPFS

    Report on Medicare Compliance Volume 31, Number 28. August 08, 2022  | Author: Nina Youngstrom  | August 08, 2022 

    There’s a good chance Medicare coverage of telehealth services, including audio-only telehealth services, will continue through Dec. 31, 2024, a hard-and-fast date independent of whether HHS continues to extend the COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE), experts say...