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Congratulations, you're the boss! Considerations for moving from peer to manager

Margaret Hambleton ( is President of Hambleton Compliance LLC in Valencia, CA.

I had the privilege of being named chief compliance officer for a large integrated health system a number of years ago. I had been a compliance director for the organization for many years, and now I was being entrusted with the leadership of the organization’s compliance program. Over the years I had developed wonderful relationships with my peers, both in the compliance department and in other departments. Now, as the boss, I needed to establish my expertise, credibility, authority, and strategic vision for compliance without negatively affecting the team. I think there are some things that I did well and some that I did not in managing my transition from peer to manager. In this article, I will discuss some of the lessons I learned and highlight some of the special considerations that a compliance professional in this position may want to think about.

The transition from peer to manager is never easy. Not only do you have a new job to learn, but you need to manage your old friends, some of whom may have the hurt feelings that often come when someone is promoted from peer to manager. As a compliance professional, you have the added burden of managing it all while ensuring your compliance controls and safeguards remain intact. The following are a few things to keep in mind.

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