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Compliance and governance in high-tech and agile delivery environments

Eric Brotten ( is Director of International Compliance Programs at Optum in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA.

No matter the industry, “Every company is now a technology company.”[1] This means that whether you are a compliance professional supporting financial services, retail, farming, logistics, automotive, healthcare, media, or even food, you need to meet your business partners where they are. Regulators and enforcement agencies are also abuzz with the emerging fields of artificial intelligence, blockchain, data protection and governance, the gig economy, the International Organization for Standardization, tech ethics, and cryptocurrency. Increasingly, business teams are deploying via continuous delivery, or agile and scrum methodologies. As a result, today’s compliance professional needs to understand the intersection of traditional compliance, privacy, and technology and how business partners’ support needs and expectations are changing in regard to overall compliance and governance models.

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