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Compliance ambassadors wanted!

Mónica Ramírez Chimal ( is Partner and Founder of her own consulting firm, Asserto RSC, in Mexico City, Mexico.

“How are you going to ensure everyone in the company knows what compliance is? How can you be sure that everyone does the right thing? How can you make certain that you are informed of what is happening in the company?”

If you are a compliance professional, these questions should ring a bell for you. These are the difficult challenges compliance areas face. You may have the budget, you may deliver the training, but those are just parts. The other part is making people truly understand why complying with the law, the policies and procedures, as well as the code of ethics is important and how it can affect the company. To monitor effectively, you need a big team so they can move between the different areas, processes, and employees. And that is something very difficult to carry out—and at certain points, simply impractical.

The compliance area has another challenge: If the company has a presence in different countries, the cultural factor should be taken into account. What could apply to the headquarters on one continent may not necessarily apply in another.

So, what to do?

You’ve heard it: Establish strategic alliances[1] with the other areas in the organization. Appointing compliance ambassadors will indeed help this initiative.

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