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Kelly M. Willenberg ( is President and CEO of Kelly Willenberg LLC in Greenville, SC.

What does change mean to you? One of my favorite definitions is “going from one phase to another.” Over the past six months, we have all experienced the feeling of not being totally prepared for the changes in the spring. Organizations and hospital systems were forced to look at their staff and, in some cases, eliminate positions. People found themselves out of jobs unexpectedly or in a different or modified role. Over and over I heard that the certification in healthcare research compliance (CHRC) was profoundly important to people as they maneuvered the transformation that followed. A national emergency showed us that the benefits of membership and participation in Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) is irreplaceable. Many realized that by cutting their professional teeth on the HCCA offerings, such as publications, webinars, and teleconferences, they saw doors open that were closed.

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