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To bundle or not to bundle?

Sharon Parsley ( is Director of Content Development for YouCompli in Ocala, FL.

In August of 2017, CMS announced the cancellation of a proposed Cardiac Care Bundled Payment model as well as reversing course on a proposal to expand the Comprehensive Joint Replacement Bundled Payment model. Participation in both payment models would have been mandatory for certain providers in specified markets.

In January 2018, to considerable fanfare, CMS announced the creation of “Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced” (BPCI Advanced). As of the publication date of this article, CMS will be distributing pricing to BPCI Advanced program applicants and, per the model program timeline, will move to execute participation agreements by the end of August 2018. This voluntary model is proposed to go live on October 1, 2018 with the first determination date for program payments on March 31, 2019. BPCI Advanced will be treated as an Advanced Alternate Payment Model under the CMS Quality Payment Program. The following is an introduction to some of the key components of BPCI Advanced.

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