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APPENDIX A | Sample Letters to Vendors

Dear Vendor Colleague:

Our organization is committed to building and supporting an organization that demonstrates honesty, integrity, ethics, and best practices. In an effort to strengthen this commitment, we have established a Corporate Compliance Program and developed a Standards of Conduct. These Standards of Conduct are our attempt to offer guidance for the complex legal and business issues we face every day, and to provide the overall principles for our system. The standards outlined apply to all employees. We also expect them to apply to all our vendor, supplier, and affiliate colleagues.

Please direct your attention to the Conflicts of Interest section of the standards. You can see this standard clearly prohibits employees and their families from receiving gifts or any other consideration of value from a person or organization that does business or may want to do business with our organization or its affiliates. The only exception is a gift of nominal value extended as a business courtesy, such as sales promotion items or occasional business-related meals or entertainment of modest value. In an effort to help our employees abide by this standard, we are requesting that all vendors, suppliers and affiliates refrain from offering our employees any items other than ones of nominal value.

Thank you. If you have questions or would like to discuss the Standards for Business Conduct handbook or the Conflict of Interest standard, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Compliance Officer

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