Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery

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APPENDIX 5-B: Considerations in Initially Planning or Reviewing Your Training Program

To begin your planning process or assessment, it may be helpful to determine the following:

What are the objectives for the training?

  • Support a culture of ethical behavior and compliance.

  • Communicate a policy, requirement, or law to raise awareness and improve compliance, also reduce risk. Provide practice in applying policy to realistic scenarios.

  • To satisfy internal or external obligations or requirements.

  • To help close a known gap in behaviors revealed in assessment, audit, or investigation.

What issues to cover and whom to train?

What are the highest risks?

What current training exists?

How effective is existing training?

How will you address specialized or complex topics?

Will employees or others be learning processes and systems?

Who interacts with the risk and at what level?

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