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Appendix 3-F: Benefits of a Compliance Program

This list can be used as additional fuel for discussion.

  1. Avoid/reduce criminal fines

  2. Avoid/reduce criminal charges

  3. Avoid/reduce punitive damages

  4. Avoid civil liability

  5. Avoid imposition of adversaries’ counsel fees, e.g., in antitrust cases

  6. Avoid government suspension/debarment

  7. Avoid loss of export privileges

  8. Help in recruiting/retaining employees

  9. Maintain high employee morale/productivity

  10. Avoid loss of personnel from charges/convictions/dismissals

  11. Help in recruiting/retaining board members

  12. Prevent/reduce waste, fraud and abuse against company by employees & contractors

  13. Create competitive advantage in selling to blue chip customers

  14. Protect/strengthen brand reputation

  15. Avoid consumer boycotts

  16. Avoid/reduce consumer informal complaints (phone calls, letters, emails)

  17. Maintain goodwill with governments, i.e., regulators & legislators

  18. Reduce insurance costs

  19. Avoid/reduce litigation against board members

  20. Avoid/reduce outside legal counsel fees from compliance litigation

  21. Avoid/reduce management disruption from litigation, investigations, or compliance crises

  22. Avoid costs of imposed compliance programs, such as monitors and 3rd party reviews

  23. Avoid limits on future business freedom from government-imposed restrictions

  24. Avoid loss of stock market value

  25. Avoid/reduce loss of company’s own proprietary information (through IP compliance program)

  26. Strengthen protection of company’s own intellectual property, i.e., trademarks, copyrighted materials, and patents

  27. Reduce generation and retention of excess records (through records compliance program)

  28. Avoid/reduce loss of life and property, and down time from unsafe facilities/activities and accidents.

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