HCCA Conference Slides and Recordings

  1. OCR Update on HIPAA Policy & Enforcement (Complimentary Member Exclusive)

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Timothy Noonan  | July 13, 2020 

    • Describe recent OCR policy and guidance materials

    • Discuss recent OCR enforcement actions and priorities

    • Identify best practices for HIPAA compliance

  2. 2020 HHS Patient Access Rule: What Hospitals Need to Know

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): William Roberts, Damian Privitera  | June 23, 2020 

    • Address March 2020 HHS final rule on information blocking, interoperability and patient access

    • Modifications to patient access rights and information exchange between providers, payers, and health IT developers

    • Prohibition on information blocking and anti-competitive behavior by healthcare providers

    • Requirement of healthcare providers to implement standards-based application programming interface (API) for provider’s EMR

    • Addressing the privacy and security of third-party health applications used by patients

    • Public reporting by CMS of noncompliant hospitals

  3. Emerging Issues with Business Associates

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Richelle Marting  | June 22, 2020 

    • Identifying and distinguishing third parties who are, and who are not, business associates under HIPAA

    • Trends in arrangements – health app vendors, support services, staffing companies, and other gray areas

    • Workforce or BA? Potential compliance and legal implications beyond HIPAA (e.g. employment law)

    • Understanding the implications of the “just in case” business associate agreement contracting strategy

    • OCR guidance and audit protocols

  4. 2020 Mid-Year OIG Work Plan and Other Important Updates: Hospitals, Physician Practices, and Home Health or Hospice

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Margaret Hambleton, Bill Musick  | June 18, 2020 

    • Discuss OIG Work Planning Process, Items, and other Government Reports

    • COVID-19 Audits, Reviews, and Monitoring

    • Preparing for Hotline and Whistleblower Reports

  5. Avoiding Unnecessary Refunds

    2020 Virtual Ann Arbor Regional Conference  | Presenter(s): David Glaser  | June 12, 2020 

    • Understand when a refund is truly required and why many lawyers mistakenly recommend them and give inaccurate advice on how far back you must go

    • Understand why you are not required to refund based on provisions in Manuals/Guidance

    • Recognize you can appeal to recover money you refunded

  6. Cybersecurity (2020 Virtual Ann Arbor Regional)

    2020 Virtual Ann Arbor Regional Conference  | Presenter(s): Melissa Crespo  | June 12, 2020 

    • Cybersecurity from the FBI’s perspective

    • Cyber threats targeting the healthcare sector

    • Emerging cyber intrusion trends

  7. New Proposed Changes to Stark Law and Anti-Kickback Statute

    2020 Virtual Ann Arbor Regional Conference  | Presenter(s): Peter Domas, Rose Willis  | June 12, 2020 

    • Learn about recent proposed changes to the rules implementing the Stark Law and the AntiKickback Statute, including new safe harbors and impact on value based, coordinated care

    • Understand how the proposed changes could affect compliance burdens under real world scenarios

    • Discuss the next steps in the regulatory process and possible future regulatory initiatives after the coronavirus pandemic

  8. Opioid Crisis and Compliance

    2020 Virtual Ann Arbor Regional Conference  | Presenter(s): Julia Russell  | June 12, 2020 

    • Compliance requirements and beyond: Evaluating the effectiveness of your compliance program and remedial efforts to implement or improve one in the face of the opioid epidemic

    • Digging into the common findings of Opioid Compliance Review and Drug Diversion Reviews

    • Using analytics to target key risks related to prescribing, drug diversion, and compliance with system and regulatory policies

  9. Overview of Risk Assessments and Workplans

    2020 Virtual Ann Arbor Regional Conference  | Presenter(s): Andrea Merritt, Andrei Costantino  | June 12, 2020 

    • Discuss the overall risk assessment process and how it can change based on the maturity of your compliance program

    • Review how to be fluid in your risk assessment while integrating OIG and contractor audit activity

    • Discuss how ongoing auditing and monitoring plays a role in your compliance program and its impact on the risk assessment

  10. Price Transparency: Making the Most of the 2021 CMS Requirements

    2020 Virtual Ann Arbor Regional Conference  | Presenter(s): Jackie Nussbaum, Jennifer Goins  | June 12, 2020 

    • Identify the specific data elements required to be included in the public charge files and review examples of how the required files could look to achieve compliance

    • Develop workplan and timeline for the multitude of tasks that need to be completed before the deadline

    • Discuss key considerations for developing a transparent pricing strategy

  11. A Year in Review - Key Developments In Research Compliance and Regulation

    2020 Virtual Orange County Regional Conference  | Presenter(s): James Riddle  | June 12, 2020 

    • Stay informed on the most recent compliance and regulatory developments related to research.

    • Be prepared for upcoming changes in FDA research regulations.

    • Take home a checklist of compliance action items for your organization.

  12. What COVID 19 and Other Changes Mean for Your Privacy Impact Analysis

    2020 Virtual Orange County Regional Conference  | Presenter(s): Leeann Habte, Pegah K. Parsi, Shirley Komoto  | June 12, 2020 

    • Recent changes to data privacy laws - GDPR, CCPA, Part 2, COVID 19 waivers of enforcement discretion

    • Case study of COVID privacy issues

    • Structuring your privacy impact analysis to account for changes to laws, remote working environments, increased use of telehealth/ remote monitoring and more

  13. CMS Update: COVID-19 and Beyond

    2020 Virtual Orange County Regional Conference  | Presenter(s): Mary G. Greene  | June 12, 2020 

    • Waivers and regulatory flexibilities granted during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

    • Burden reduction through Patients over Paperwork and interoperability

    • Areas of focus to safeguard program integrity

  14. Investigations - What Compliance Officers Need to Know

    2020 Virtual Orange County Regional Conference  | Presenter(s): Christie Moon  | June 12, 2020 

    • Attorney Client and other investigative privileges

    • Investigation planning & strategy - your checklist

    • Investigating in collaboration with other health care teams

  15. Legal and Regulatory Update

    2020 Virtual Orange County Regional Conference  | Presenter(s): Stephanie Johnson  | June 12, 2020 

    • Discuss recent legal and regulatory developments and how these developments may impact healthcare providers

    • Discuss anticipated areas of enforcement and regulatory focus for 2020 and beyond

    • Discuss proactive compliance strategies and practical tips

  16. Post-acute and Hospital Perspectives Compliance Challenges

    2020 Virtual Orange County Regional Conference  | Presenter(s): Jon Redden, Lori Laubach, Tami Johnson-White  | June 12, 2020 

    • Hospital and sub-acute facility partnerships

    • Definition of Continuum of care and what does this mean to the both health care systems (hospital and post-acute)

    • Challenges in order to reduce readmissions or continual transfers of care

    • Increased attention and challenges surrounding regulatory compliance – what is that 8th and potential 9th element

    • How can compliance officers be proactive?

  17. Navigating HIPAA Compliance Amid COVID-19 & Related Issues

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Lonna Carter  | June 08, 2020 

    • Current state of COVID 19 disease disclosure laws – federal, state, and local

    • HIPAA and public health exceptions to disclosure rules

    • Disclosures to HHS, CDC and state DPH

    • Novel issues presented by pandemic

  18. Attorney Contacts, Subpoenas, Deposition, & Testimony - How Having a Legal Proceedings Consultant Can Protect Your Institution

    2020 Virtual Seattle Regional Conference  | Presenter(s): Brandy Bewley  | June 05, 2020 

    • Understand a treating provider’s role in a patient’s legal matter as well as the provider’s rights, obligations, and options related to attorney requests

    • Understand the HIPAA requirements that must be met to ensure a healthcare provider and institution are complying with applicable laws

    • Understand how a legal proceedings consultant can benefit a healthcare institution and play an important role in protecting it from liability exposure by helping its providers better understand applicable laws and policies to facilitate cooperation with the legal process

  19. Complex, Crazy, and Challenging Privacy Issues

    2020 Virtual Seattle Regional Conference  | Presenter(s): Marti Arvin  | June 05, 2020 

    • Complex privacy issues involved in the use of big data sets

    • Challenge of ensuring end users understand proper accesses, uses and disclosures of health information

    • Crazy combination of privacy laws and the implications for today’s healthcare entity

  20. What is Records Management...And Why Should I Care?

    2020 Virtual Seattle Regional Conference  | Presenter(s): Barbara Benson  | June 05, 2020 

    • The ROI of records management

    • Accountability and the establishment of standards to minimize risk

    • There must be some rules we have to follow— compliance responsibility

  21. Consent Issues with Minors

    2020 Virtual Seattle Regional Conference  | Presenter(s): Denise Atwood  | June 05, 2020 

    • Minors accessing health care – required consent

    • Status of the minor and guardianship issues

    • Three steps to comply with mature minor rule

    • Case studies – open discussion with participants

  22. The Art of Benchmarking for Risk: How to Target Your Outliers Without Needing a Math Degree

    2020 Virtual Seattle Regional Conference  | Presenter(s): Jared Krawczyk  | June 05, 2020 

    • Explore benchmarking techniques needed to assess the risk of a physician’s coding patterns (E/Ms, Modifiers, Productivity, Procedural Billing)

    • Demonstrate how to organize the analysis results into one comprehensive physician compliance scorecard

    • Discuss how to apply the benchmarking results for the entire medical group into a singular prioritized audit plan (Providing actual example audit plans)

  23. Math and Mayhem

    2020 Virtual Seattle Regional Conference  | Presenter(s): Larissa Payne, Matt Kuehn, Melody Crick Peters  | June 05, 2020 

    • Overview of the Washington Medicaid Fraud Control Division, including authority, jurisdiction and organization

    • Highlights of recently prosecuted cases around the State of Washington demonstrating the types of fact patterns and trends we are seeing and some investigative strategies

    • Highlights of recent civil cases locally and national, demonstrating the types of fact patterns and trends we are seeing and some investigative strategies

  24. Conflict of Interest 101: Identifying, Managing, and Preventing Research Risk

    2020 Virtual Research Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Rebecca Scott, Andrew Hill, CJ Wolf  | June 03, 2020 

    • Understanding the Sunshine Act, including recent changes and how they impact your research organization

    • Gain useful insight and tools for managing COI research risk at your institution

    • Learn to identify risks using the Open Payments database

  25. Supplementing Traditional Research Compliance Monitoring and Auditing with Anticipatory Surveillance

    2020 Virtual Research Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Robert Bienkowski, Lynn Smith  | June 03, 2020 

    • Undetected research noncompliance presents risks to subjects, institutions, researchers, and entire fields of research

    • Formal systems of monitoring and auditing have inherent blind spots to some types of research noncompliance

    • Anticipatory surveillance is a proactive, predictive compliance activity that assists in the early detection of potential noncompliance and mitigation of noncompliance before it becomes serious