HCCA Conference Slides and Recordings

  1. The Seven Habits of an Effective Compliance and Ethics Officer (2021 Complimentary Member Exclusive)

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Dan Roach  | January 11, 2021 

    • This session is designed to provide the insight and tips you need to become a more effective compliance and ethics professional

    • It focuses on the skills and strategies that you can develop and adopt to improve your performance and increase your value

    • Although this session has been delivered dozens of times, it remains one of most popular and highest rated breakout sessions

  2. OIG and Other Important Updates: What We Learned in 2020

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Margaret Hambleton, Bill Musick  | January 08, 2021 

    • Discuss significant new and ongoing projects addressed in 2020 by the OIG, DOJ and other federal agencies that impact Hospital, Physician, Home Health and Hospice services

    • Provide practical advice on methods for compliance programs to effectively assess and address risks and guidance from the OIG and other Federal agencies

    • Describe the HHS Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) and means for tracking new developments

  3. CMS Update (2021 COVID-19 Essentials for Healthcare Compliance Programs)

    2021 COVID-19 Essentials for Healthcare Compliance Programs  | Presenter(s): Jean Moody-Williams  | January 07, 2021 

    • Patients Over Paperwork Initiative

    • COVID-related changes and news

    • What to expect next from CMS

  4. Remote Workforce: Conducting Compliance Investigations (2021 COVID-19 Essentials for Healthcare Compliance Programs)

    2021 COVID-19 Essentials for Healthcare Compliance Programs  | Presenter(s): Gerry Zack  | January 07, 2021 

    • Identify and overcome obstacles in conducting investigations remotely

    • Understand methods useful for remote analysis of records

    • Develop effective methods for conducting remote interviews

  5. The Road Ahead: Effectively Managing Compliance Through the Next Stage of the Pandemic

    2021 COVID-19 Essentials for Healthcare Compliance Programs  | Presenter(s): Jenny O’Brien, Brett Short, Samantha Kelen, Kelly Willenberg  | January 07, 2021 

    • Planning your trip: Developing workplans in an unfamiliar, remote, and quickly changing regulatory and work environment

    • Changing landscapes: Strategies to do more with less as your teams adjust to the next phase of the journey, including potentially returning to the office

    • Warning signs: Methods to identify compliance risk areas that may have been impacted the pandemic

  6. Update on Recent OIG Activities

    2021 COVID-19 Essentials for Healthcare Compliance Programs  | Presenter(s): Christian J. Schrank, Amy Kearbey  | January 07, 2021 

    • COVID-related work

    • Notable other actions

    • What compliance teams need to know for the coming months

  7. Take Your Regulatory Compliance Program to the Next Level with a Proactive Approach

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Justin Chamblee, Amit Vaishampayan  | December 14, 2020 

    • At the conclusion of this webinar, attendees will learn about key risks associated with the current state “reactive” regulatory compliance programs, as well as the key benefits associated with “proactive” compliance programs

    • Attendees will learn about certain best practices inherent in industry-leading compliance programs, and specifically how these programs impact key organizational stakeholders

    • Lastly, attendees will learn about how they can begin the transition from reactive to proactive regulatory compliance

  8. Antitrust Enforcement: Evaluating Compliance Programs

    2020 Houston Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Mark Grundvig, Aimee Imundo  | December 11, 2020 

    • Understanding the Antitrust Division compliance program evaluation criteria

    • Lessons to learn from recent cases

  9. COVID-19 Documentation, Coding and Billing Compliance Risks and Assessments

    2020 Houston Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Laura Jarrett, Bryan Beaudoin, Joe O’Malley  | December 11, 2020 

    • Review federal and state guidance regarding documentation, coding, and billing guidance for COVID and COVID-related services during the pandemic

    • Learn how one compliance program has managed the evolving guidance around expanded virtual health services, COVID testing, and other COVID-related services in order to mitigate risk and incorporate the changes 2020 has made to their annual workplan

    • Hear about current documentation, coding and billing trends, risk areas and best practices for monitoring and auditing

  10. How to Respond to "I Heard That is Illegal!"

    2020 Houston Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): David Glaser  | December 11, 2020 

    • Suggestions for improving your hiring process for compliance professionals

    • Tips for explaining complicated rules and the legal hierarchy to both compliance professionals and medical professionals

    • Strategies for analyzing contradictory “expert” opinions and reducing the legal anxiety that can prompt employees to become external whistleblowers

    • Review examples of situations where compliance professionals correctly, or incorrectly, concluded something was illegal

  11. Managing Compliance Risk: CARES Act Audit and Monitoring Strategies

    2020 Houston Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Lori Laubach, Sharon Hartzel  | December 11, 2020 

    • Provide an Overview of CARES Act Funding for Providers

    • Consider the specific compliance risks areas in regard to CARES Act funding where the compliance team can focus resources to assess the system of internal controls and/or provide monitoring and auditing assistance

    • Walk through examples of internal control strengths and opportunities for improvement in identified risk areas; discuss related workplans and corrective action to drive results and mitigate risk

  12. Transform Your Policies: A (Relatively) Pain-Free Guide (2020 Houston Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference)

    2020 Houston Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Andrea Falcione, Desiree Ramirez  | December 11, 2020 

    • Building on momentum from its digital Code of Culture initiative, University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC) embarked upon a policy transformation journey to fundamentally change its approach to policy management

    • Learn about UNTHSC’s mandate to decrease the number of its policies from 425 to a more manageable 90 (or so!)

    • Hear how UNTHSC evaluated its existing policy inventory and policy management process and then crafted and executed on a massive policy transformation plan

  13. Telehealth and CMS: Bringing Care to the Patient

    2020 Richmond Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Dr. Scott H. Lawrence  | December 11, 2020 

    • Understand the flexibilities CMS implemented in response to the COVID-19 public health emergency

    • Examine how CMS allows, manages, and enforces telehealth services for Medicare beneficiaries

    • Discuss CMS’s vision for telehealth in the future

  14. Expanding the Use of Telehealth: Business and Legal Implications

    2020 Richmond Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Liz Whalley Buono  | December 11, 2020 

    • Assessing key telemedicine compliance issues

    • Identifying when in-person patient care is required

    • Planning for post-PHE Telemedicine practice

  15. Key Compliance Challenges in the Physician Practice Setting

    2020 Richmond Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): John M. Poma  | December 11, 2020 

    • Develop an enterprise risk management strategy as a foundation to an organization’s compliance program

    • Foster an organizational culture and articulate shared values to support a robust compliance program

    • Create reporting structures that encourage employees and stakeholders to bring issues forward (related to culture)

    • Educate physicians and obtain buy-in as to why both top down and bottom up compliance is important

  16. Compliance and Clinicians: Infectious Disease Compliance Issues and Related Surveys and Inspections Considerations

    2020 Richmond Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Dr. Peter Buckley, Mary Malone  | December 11, 2020 

    • Gain familiarity with the background of infectious diseases and related healthcare issues generally

    • Understand compliance protocols for infection control in hospitals and their application to COVID and other infectious diseases

    • Identify legal triggers related to noncompliance with infection control protocols and how to avoid issues through infection compliance readiness

  17. Emerging Areas of Fraud and Abuse Enforcement

    2020 Richmond Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): James Sheehan, Eric Atkinson  | December 11, 2020 

    • Managing conflict of interest and related party transactions in healthcare organizations

    • Compensation issues for physicians and executives: Stark, nonprofit law, Internal Revenue Code

    • Physician and hospital interactions with pharmaceutical assistance programs for patients - compliance learning from recent Corporate Integrity Agreements

  18. Remote Compliance: Maintaining Effectiveness During Crisis

    2020 Richmond Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Lori Foley, Dristen Davidson  | December 11, 2020 

    • Identifying and prioritizing risk during a crisis

    • Managing compliance programs and people remotely

    • Handling more with less – the effects of furloughs and layoffs on compliance

  19. Information Blocking: Compliance Challenges, Answers, and Strategies for Risk Mitigation

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Bethany Corbin, Rachel Alexander  | December 10, 2020 

    • Analyze legal and compliance challenges associated with information blocking, including common compliance roadblocks

    • Develop risk-mitigating compliance solutions for complex information blocking scenarios and identify emerging best practices for promoting interoperability

    • Enhance compliance culture, policies/procedures, and contractual agreements to combat information blocking

  20. HIPAA Security: Common Mistakes Made by Physician Practices (2020 HCCA Web Conference)

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Marti Arvin  | December 08, 2020 

    • OCR enforcement update for physician practices

    • Failures common across all the rules

    • Failures specific to the Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Rules

  21. HIPAA Update: 2020 and Beyond

    2020 San Francisco Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Linda Garrett  | December 04, 2020 

    • List two key changes impacting patient requests for “access” to their health record under 45 CFR 164.524 that resulted from the Ciox v. Azar January 23, 2020 DC District Court opinion and subsequent announcement by HHS

    • Describe three significant changes to 42 CFR Part 2 that became effective August 14, 2020, and explain the further changes that will occur on March 27, 2021 when regulations related to §3221 of the CARES Act become effective, and how those changes might impact the sharing of information by multi-disciplinary teams

    • Describe four ways that COVID-19 information may be legally disclosed pursuant to HIPAA and state law, and list three key aspects of telehealth practices and enforcement that have changed during the COVID-19 nationally declared pandemic emergency

  22. Compliance Investigations in 2020 and Beyond: Implicit Bias and Remote Investigations -- What Compliance Officers Need to Know

    2020 San Francisco Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Christie Moon, Reginald Coleman  | December 04, 2020 

    • Define, understand and address “implicit bias” in the context of compliance and other internal health care investigations

    • Conduct effective and efficient remote internal investigations, even during a pandemic

    • Partner and enhance investigative communication and collaboration across all health care functions (e.g. Compliance, Privacy, HR, Legal, SIU, Physical Security, IT Security and Cyber Security)

  23. How Do We Monitor and Audit Telehealth - Past History and Present

    2020 San Francisco Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Lori Laubach  | December 04, 2020 

    • Identify controls related to telehealth necessary to mitigate the risk in the present and after PHE

    • Operational uses of telehealth – what are the compliance issues?

    • Understand auditing and monitoring of the telehealth controls

    • Review potential corrective action ideas and how to provide results without creating additional risk

  24. Year Two of COVID? Legal Issues on the 2021 Horizon for Healthcare Organization Response to the Pandemic

    2020 San Francisco Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Katherine Saral, Judy Waltz  | December 04, 2020 

    • Understand legal requirements, ‘gray’ areas, and unknowns

    • Consider and define the impact on you as Compliance professionals

    • Identify areas for coordination with Operations in implementation and government relations on public policy and regulatory development