HCCA Conference Slides and Recordings

  1. Compliance Analytics: The Post Pandemic Push

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Frank Cohen  | March 31, 2021 

    • Get a foundational understanding of compliance analytics and how the government uses this to identify high-risk providers

    • Understand the differences between pre-pandemic and post-pandemic audit targets and aggressiveness

    • Create your own internal compliance analysis using publicly available data and implement your own compliance risk model as part of your overall compliance strategy

  2. CMS Has Spoken: FMV and Commercial Reasonableness Under the New Stark Regulations

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Tim Smith  | March 29, 2021 

    • Understand the new definitions of fair market value (“FMV”), general market value (“GMV”), and commercial reasonableness (“CR”)

    • Examine the updated criteria for determining FMV, GMV, and CR

    • Apply the new framework for using and not using survey data or FMV and GMV

    • Evaluate the impact of practice losses for FMV and CR purposes

  3. Data Analytics, COVID-19, and Telemedicine Coding Compliance

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Ken Zeko, Delena Howard, Angela Deneweth  | March 25, 2021 

    • Governmental/payor data analytics

    • Impact of Yates Memo and data analytics

    • COVID-19 evaluation, management coding, and documentation

    • COVID-19 testing coding and documentation

    • COVID-19 diagnosis coding

    • COVID-19 telemedicine during public health emergency

    • COVID-19 vaccine information

    • COVID-19 monoclonal antibody information

  4. Million Dollar Risks: The Real Cost of Ineffective Vendor Oversight

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Jala Attia, Jessica Gay  | March 23, 2021 

    • Understand why thorough and consistent vendor oversight are essential

    • Highlight key ways to mitigate risk through an effective vendor oversight program

    • Learn best practices to leverage your FWA team and improve communication

    • Examine real-world scenarios that illustrate potential impacts across organizations

  5. Latest OFAC Sanctions Law Developments

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Bob Ward  | March 17, 2021 

    • Introduction to OFAC as well as expectations for policy changes with the new Biden administration and latest enforcement trends

    • Discussion on the implications of the U.S. rejoining the Iran nuclear deal and the use of sanctions designations to enforce the same (including the use of secondary sanctions)

    • Discussion on key steps to take to prevent violations including best practices for policies/procedures, screening (including choosing the best system for your company size), due diligence, and training

  6. A View From the Inside: A Discussion with an OCR Investigator

    2021 Washington, DC Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): John Haskell  | March 05, 2021 

    • What privacy officers and compliance professionals should know about OCR investigations

    • Centering the patient

    • The necessity of documentation

  7. 2021 E or M Guidelines and Coding Leveling Changes: Is the Compliance Office Prepared?

    2021 Washington, DC Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Cornelia M. Dorfschmid  | March 05, 2021 

    • Understand recent changes in outpatient E/M coding

    • Implications for compliance auditing and monitoring strategies

    • Documentation risk and training needs in light of E/M changes

  8. Lessons Learned from 2020

    2021 Washington, DC Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Scott Intner, Shirley Knelly, Mary Edmondson, Lisa Adkins  | March 05, 2021 

    • Transitioning your compliance team to a teleworking environment

    • Adjusting your compliance work plan and activities to the new realities

    • Dealing with all the changes is remembering the fundamentals

  9. Moving Forward Compliance with the New Stark and AKS Regulations

    2021 Washington, DC Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Gregg Wallander  | March 05, 2021 

    • Understand construct of the new regulations to spot issues

    • Understand key definitions, exceptions, and safe harbors for effecting proper compliance

    • Practical takeaway actions for a health care organization

  10. OIG's 2020 Special Fraud Alert on Speaker Programs and Monitoring Compliance with the Anti-Kickback Statute

    2021 Washington, DC Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Madeline Bainer, Amanda Copsey  | March 05, 2021 

    • Overview of the Office of Inspector General, the federal anti-kickback statute (AKS), and recent enforcement actions

    • Discussion of OIG’s 2020 Special Fraud Alert on Speaker Programs and other OIG guidance materials

    • Tips from monitoring AKS compliance through OIG Corporate Integrity Agreements

  11. ONC Update: 21st Century Cures Act Final Rule

    2021 Washington, DC Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Elise Sweeney Anthony  | March 05, 2021 

    • Join this session for an overview of ONC’s 21st Century Cures Act Final Rule

    • Gain a greater understanding of what constitutes information blocking and the eight exceptions to information blocking

    • Learn more about the compliance timeline for organizations

  12. Keys to establishing an effective compliance program

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Risty Smith  | March 02, 2021 

    • SNF compliance background

    • Ethics and Compliance Program purpose

    • Ethics and compliance in the news

    • Effective program requirements

    • Phase 3 ROPs (F895)

    • Practical Implementation Tips and Going Beyond F-Tags

  13. Providing Telehealth During COVID-19: Key Issues to Consider

    2021 St Louis Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Jayme Matchinski  | February 26, 2021 

    • Provide an overview of regulatory issues related to the provision of Telehealth and Telemedicine

    • Identify key issues that impact the provision of Telemedicine during COVID-19

    • Define the next steps that providers should consider to avoid liability and enhance patient care

  14. Medical Marijuana is (Largely) Here: Where We Are and Where We are Going

    2021 St Louis Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Jane Drummond  | February 26, 2021 

    • Appreciate the effects of COVID-19 on medical marijuana implementation

    • Recognize the most common problems for health care providers treating patients who use medical marijuana

    • Apply lessons learned from other states with active medical marijuana programs

  15. Managing Risks Associated with Provider Relief Funds

    2021 St Louis Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Benjamin Fee, Dave Mattox  | February 26, 2021 

    • Learning as an organization in the midst of a 100-year public health event

    • Making decisions with imperfect information

    • Striving to comply with constantly evolving, and sometimes conflicting, government standards

  16. Federal Healthcare Fraud Enforcement Trends

    2021 St Louis Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): William Young, Suzanne Moore  | February 26, 2021 

    • Understand federal law enforcement tools

    • Identify sources of federal health care fraud criminal and civil prosecutions

    • Explain HHS OIG current trends and priorities

  17. Interoperability & Information Blocking

    2021 St Louis Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Scott Didion, Ann Cappellari  | February 26, 2021 

    • Recap project planning and work streams

    • Discuss critical challenges and key decisions made

    • Leverage lessons learned for future interoperability requirements

  18. Update on Recent Changes to the Stark Law and the Medicare Anti-Kickback Statute

    2021 St Louis Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Donn Herring  | February 26, 2021 

    • Understand the scope of the recent changes to the Stark Law and the Medicare Anti-Kickback Statute

    • Utilize such understanding to review existing arrangements with physicians and other referral sources to identify potential problems to be resolved or opportunities to be pursued

    • Utilize such understanding to review new/potential arrangements with physicians and other referral sources for compliance purposes

  19. Service Animals in Health Care

    2021 Alaska Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): John Bardsley  | February 25, 2021 

    • Be able to identify a service animal/ emotional support animal and understand acceptable access

    • Introduce federal law and understand the do’s and don’ts

    • Demonstrate capabilities of a trained service dog and to demonstrate one in action

  20. 2021 Home Health & Hospice Compliance Work Plans: Addressing New Risks and Fresh Takes

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Regina Alexander, Kelly Murphy-Miller  | February 22, 2021 

    • At the conclusion of the webinar, attendees will understand the compliance risks and revenue integrity opportunities associated with the CMS CY2021 Home Health prospective payment and other policy changes, as well as implementation of the new Medicare Hospice Election Statement andNew Election Statement Addendum

    • Attendees will learn about the agency-level implications of recent program enforcement activity, including recently completed HHS OIG Office of Audit Services Medicare Home Health work plan items, including practical tips on how administrators or compliance officers can integrate lessons from the audit reports into their own organization’s proactive work plan

    • Attendees will take away new ideas for internal auditing and monitoring of perennial Home Health & Hospice Medicare program integrity risk areas such as hospice levels of care, home health physician certification and plan of care, and OASIS

  21. Managing a Compliance Department Virtually During the Pandemic

    2021 Dallas Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Ron Skillens  | February 12, 2021 

    • Evaluate how you can accelerate your productivity through professional development

    • Discuss practical methods to build and maintain effective business relationships in the age of the pandemic

    • Discuss how to build your 90 day success plan to put all of the concepts in action immediately

  22. OIG Update: Key Issues in Compliance and Oversight

    2021 Dallas Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Karen Glassman, Ruth Ann Dorrill  | February 12, 2021 

    • Holistic review of OIG’s current priorities

    • Summary of anticipated OIG evaluation, audit, and enforcement work

    • Deeper dive into four topic areas:  COVID-19; Opioid misuse; Nursing home quality and enforcement

  23. Operational Adjustments for the New Stark and AKS Rules

    2021 Dallas Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Jordan Muhlestein, Monte O. Crockett  | February 12, 2021 

    • High-level overview of revised Stark and AKS rule

    • Discussion of monitoring processes in key risk areas

    • Identification of enforcement unknowns

  24. Virtually Back to Normal: Telemedicine to the Rescue During COVID-19 and After

    2021 Dallas Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Rachel B. Goodman  | February 12, 2021 

    • Understanding state and federal regulation of telehealth and other digital healthcare technologies during and after the COVID-19 pandemic

    • Identifying potential compliance issues associated with telehealth during and after the pandemic that may need to be addressed within compliance

    • Understanding steps that may need to be taken if your organization wishes to continue to use telehealth after the pandemic is over

  25. The New Physician Fee Schedule and the Impact on Physician Practices

    2021 Dallas Regional Healthcare Compliance Conference  | Presenter(s): Anna K. Brewer  | February 12, 2021 

    • Outline the key changes of the 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

    • Quantify WRVU changes and related Revenue impact for major specialties

    • Highlight FMV and Commercial Reasonability concerns related to physician employment that exist from this shift in practice economics

    • Share best practices for adjusting compensation plan drivers or structures to reduce compliance risk

    • Identify other health system departments that may need to adjust their policies, procedures, and estimates based on this change