2019 Compliance & Ethics Institute (CEI)

  1. Automating Privacy Operations at Scale in Azure

    2019 Compliance & Ethics Institute (CEI)  | Presenter(s): David J. Marcos  | September 2019 

    • Built on Trust: operationalizing privacy compliance for Cloud.

    • Data-driven continuous monitoring of privacy

    • Looking to the future: laying the groundwork for ethical computation.

  2. #WeToo - Is Your Organization Ready to Respond Properly to Allegations of Sexual Harassment?

    2019 Compliance & Ethics Institute (CEI)  | Presenter(s): Cedric Bourgeois  | September 2019 

    • A harassment-free work environment is paramount to institutional integrity. How organizations handle allegations conveys the tone at the top, especially when they relate to sexual harassment.

    • Your compliance program already has valuable elements to build a proper response to allegations of sexual harassment: learn how to transfer those skills to the challenge the #MeToo campain has highlighted.

    • This session will explore the specifics of investigations into allegations of harassment, including legal challenges and high scrutiny from a wide variety of stakeholders

  3. Compliance & Cannabis in the Workplace: Navigating the Changing Landscape of Legalization

    2019 Compliance & Ethics Institute (CEI)  | Presenter(s): Amy E. McDougal  | September 2019 

    • Discuss how to manage legal cannabis use in the workplace; how it may impact your business.

    • Consider how to proactively plan for cannabis in your business; updating policies, delivering relevant training and adjusting monitoring protocols.

    • Learn about ways to prepare your corporate compliance and ethics program for legalized recreational and medical marijuana use in order to lead management’s adaptation to the changing legal landscape.

  4. Creating a Culture of Compliance

    2019 Compliance & Ethics Institute (CEI)  | Presenter(s): Andrew G. Bucknam  | September 2019 

  5. Communicating Compliance Creatively: A Panel Discussion

    2019 Compliance & Ethics Institute (CEI)  | Presenter(s): Jay Rosen, Marc Havener, Ronald Feldman, Ricardo P. Pellafone  | September 2019 

    • Join moderator, compliance podcaster and former screenwriter Jay Rosen as he crawls into the minds of three creative agencies that are reinventing how to communicate compliance, and why it matters.

    • Promote the power and value of a creative approach to leadership by equipping yourself with insights into the behavioral science behind how creative approaches affect culture, change behavior, and influence employee’s decisions.

    • Learn about the creative process behind making compliance messages that stick, why it’s the same strategy advertisers use, and how to understand and streamline the collaborative process so that you satisfy your stakeholders.

  6. Compliant Technology - The Future is Now

    2019 Compliance & Ethics Institute (CEI)  | Presenter(s): Stephen Majerowicz  | September 2019 

    • Analytics - replacing the human - tools that make our work easier can be compliant. They have to be compliant in the context of government access to data.

    • The future of analytics - is now - the development of analytics is proceeding at breakneck speeds and compliance must keep pace.

    • Use case - streaming analytics - to show how human-only functions are being replaced and where compliance fits into the equation.

  7. Advanced Learning from the Latest Data Breach Incidents

    2019 Compliance & Ethics Institute (CEI)  | Presenter(s): Jonathan Armstrong  | September 2019 

    • How to reassess your current practices.

    • Gleaning insights from enforcement actions and regulatory comments.

    • Raising your risk level calculations.

  8. Board Overconfidence and Ethical Practices of Senior Management

    2019 Compliance & Ethics Institute (CEI)  | Presenter(s): Jonathan T. Marks  | September 2019 

    • How the board can be misguided by management

    • The Dunning-Kruger effect, which can be interpreted as people who are least competent tend to be most sure of themselves, while those with genuine skills are frequently wracked with doubts about their abilities; and

    • What the Board can be doing to prevent overconfidence of management’s ethics from setting in?

  9. Antitrust & HR Compliance

    2019 Compliance & Ethics Institute (CEI)  | Presenter(s): Justin Hedge  | September 2019 

    • Federal and state antitrust enforcers have increased attention on hiring practices.

    • DOJ & FTC published new antitrust guidelines for HR professionals and since then, investigations have continued with a number resulting in enforcement actions.

    • Join us as we discuss recent developments in this area.

  10. Changing the Internal Audit Game: Citi Uses AI to Drive Innovation

    2019 Compliance & Ethics Institute (CEI)  | Presenter(s): Marc Sabino  | September 2019 

    • Citi uses Artificial Intelligence to achieve greater audit assurance, insights and operational efficiency.

    • How does AI empower Citi’s auditors with greater capabilities of detection as well as data driven insights?

    • Regulatory expectations are changing. Learn what regulators think of AI in Internal Audit.

  11. Antitrust: How to Navigate a Perilous But Underappreciated Risk Area

    2019 Compliance & Ethics Institute (CEI)  | Presenter(s): Douglas M. Tween, Pedro de la Torre, Marvin N. Price, Jr.  | September 2019 

    • Discuss evolving competition compliance best practices, tools, and practical tips

    • Learn strategies for conducting effective antitrust risk assessments and for auditing and monitoring high-risk activities

    • Spot and remediate new and emerging antitrust risks, with a focus on HR, algorithms, blockchain, and hub-and-spoke agreements

  12. Building Ethics and Compliance Programs with Public-Sector Employees

    2019 Compliance & Ethics Institute (CEI)  | Presenter(s): Angelique P. Dorsey  | September 2019 

    • What are the best ways to impact ethical culture with employees who have been with the agency for over a decade?

    • How does a program overcome the “this is the way we’ve always done it” syndrome?

    • Techniques to translate ethics laws governing public employees into practice.

  13. Choosing and Using KPIs and Metrics that Matter: How to Assess and Sell Your Program from the Inside Out

    2019 Compliance & Ethics Institute (CEI)  | Presenter(s): Kristy Grant-Hart, Susan Du Becker  | September 2019 

    • Learn how to choose Key Performance Indicators that actually matter: meaningful, impactful and business relevant.

    • Find out how to evaluate your program from the inside out by using cutting edge metrics that not only tell the story of your program’s progression, but also how you’ve supported business initiatives.

    • Hear over 40 specific Key Performance Indicators so you can choose those that best fit your program. You’ll find out how to track, monitor, and manage in a more effective way.

  14. Compliance by Contract - Drafting and Negotiating Terms for Peer-to-Peer Compliance

    2019 Compliance & Ethics Institute (CEI)  | Presenter(s): Jason B. Meyer, Amy E. McDougal  | September 2019 

    • When you negotiate a commercial contract that includes terms about compliance -- whether with customers, contractors, vendors or suppliers -- the right terms can boost your own C&E program, and the wrong terms can undermine it.

    • From “Quality Agreements” to extensive “reps and warranties” to auditing and indemnification clauses, current trends in commercial contracts mean that transactional lawyers and compliance leaders must be effective partners.

    • We’ll share our experiences, exchange pitfalls and engage in facilitated exercises. The goal: getting better at closing good deals that support great compliance programs.

  15. Culturally Sensitive & Regionally Specific - Ensuring Your Message Resonates Globally and is Effective Across a Multidimensional Corporate Landscape

    2019 Compliance & Ethics Institute (CEI)  | Presenter(s): Ana-Paola A. Capaldo Aoun, Jannica Houben  | September 2019 

    • Know Where You Are - How to tailor critical aspects of your program, such as communications and policies to a global audience, and how to ensure your message resonates across various countries, employee profiles, and operations.

    • Know Who They are - how to asses and develop a program that is effective in many geographies, specifically as it relates to policies, communications, and training. Exploring statistics and studies on how messaging is interpreted by various cross-sections.

    • Brief highlights on other considerations (regulatory, legal landscape, investigations, privacy, and more).

  16. Cultures of Integrity - We Know What They Are and What They Should Look Like, but How Do We Get There?

    2019 Compliance & Ethics Institute (CEI)  | Presenter(s): Mary Shirley  | September 2019 

    • Discussion of behaviors that define a good culture and what initiatives compliance can lead to inspire those behaviors

    • Mood in the middle - how to get middle management to buy into demonstrating a culture of compliance and integrity

    • Examples of what other companies just like yours are doing to build and establish a strong culture

  17. Go Big or Go Home: How to Hold an Ethics Month Event

    2019 Compliance & Ethics Institute (CEI)  | Presenter(s): Michelle Cantu  | September 2019 

    • Planning: How to plan a month-long event, including creating a communication plan, engaging stakeholders, deciding on giveaways (purchased and free), and marketing your event.

    • How to Brand Your Ethics Month: Using logos, themes, and colors to brand your event.

    • Ethics Month Events: Examples of different events and communications used as part of an Ethics Month, including easy to plan events, elaborate events for large groups, newsletters, and surveys.

  18. DOJ's Guidance on Compliance

    2019 Compliance & Ethics Institute (CEI)  | Presenter(s): Billy Jacobson, Steven Gyeszly  | September 2019 

    • What new ground is covered by the new, enhanced DOJ compliance guidance

    • How the DOJ is utilizing the guidance.

    • How companies are and should be utilizing the new guidance.

  19. Designing Actionable, Memorable Risk Reports

    2019 Compliance & Ethics Institute (CEI)  | Presenter(s): Melanie Herman  | September 2019 

    • Attend this session to learn how to create compelling risk reports for a variety of audiences.

    • Learn how risk dashboards have evolved including design tips for choosing data for a risk dashboard.

    • Leave this session with ideas and insights you can use to inspire risk-aware decision-making by management and governing teams.

  20. Global Compliance on Limited Resources

    2019 Compliance & Ethics Institute (CEI)  | Presenter(s): Domenick DiCicco, Thomas A. Doyle, Robert Kent Jr.  | September 2019 

    • Challenge of Increased Compliance Regs. Globally.

    • Cost of Such programs for mid-cap companies is burdensome.

    • How we can still create an effective program.

  21. Human Risk: Bringing Science to Compliance

    2019 Compliance & Ethics Institute (CEI)  | Presenter(s): Christian J. Hunt  | September 2019 

    • In the Knowledge Economy, people are often seen as the greatest asset of an organisation. Yet those assets also pose a bigger risk than ever before.

    • In fact, Human Risk, the risk of people doing things they shouldn’t or not doing things they should, is the largest single risk facing most organisations.

    • Yet this risk is widely managed by using techniques that rely on presumptions about human decision-making that aren’t valid. This presentation will explore how Behavioral Science can facilitate the management of Human Risk.

  22. Ethical Lapses of Executives and Other Notable Public Figures: Lessons Learned, and Lessons Never Learned

    2019 Compliance & Ethics Institute (CEI)  | Presenter(s): Stuart L. Pardau  | September 2019 

    • Spectacular ethical failings of corporate and other business leaders now appear commonplace. What drives already and otherwise successful people to commit ethical violations or even engage in criminal conduct?

    • Are there common attributes that can be identified in the acts or omissions of these business actors? Equally important, can factors or circumstances be located that inform us as of early warning signs that can modify behaviors or even prevent them

    • This presentation will identify specific case studies of notable recent examples to try to identify commonalities or root causes of these lapses.

  23. How a Twenty Year Military Career Developed Me as an Ethics & Compliance Professional!

    2019 Compliance & Ethics Institute (CEI)  | Presenter(s): Mark Revel  | September 2019 

    • Part One: Integrity First! The USAF #1 Core Value is the very foundation of all we do as CEPs. Learn how basic core values can be applied to your working life with integrity lessons learned and applied.

    • Part Two: Employee Engagement when the bullets are flying! — Everyone knows engaged employees are more productive. Here’s why....You will learn how and why you should become the most engaged employee on your organization’s team.

    • Part Three: Leadership is everything! You will learn what true leadership is and will be given practical examples and tips for learning and applying the crucial art of leadership in our roles as CEPs. Leadership is essential for our professional development at CEPs.

  24. ISO 37001: The Global Future of Compliance or a Turn Down the Wrong Trail?

    2019 Compliance & Ethics Institute (CEI)  | Presenter(s): Walter E. Johnson, Joseph E. Murphy  | September 2019 

    • What is ISO 37001 and what are its implications for compliance globally?

    • In what ways does it impact compliance professionals and our organizations?

    • Can the standard be improved to achieve betters results in fighting corruption?

  25. Making Connections Count: Tips to Gain Value Through Networking

    2019 Compliance & Ethics Institute (CEI)  | Presenter(s): Samantha Kelen  | September 2019 

    • Don’t be caught alone. Networking with other professionals ensures you’ll have the support you need to fulfill the challenges of an ethics and compliance role.

    • Don’t be afraid. It’s not nearly as complicated, challenging, or scary as it seems. We’ll discuss concrete steps you can take to improve your network.

    • Don’t delay. Networking can lead to countless opportunities if you put in the effort, so come prepared to exchange business cards and get connected.